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Bella S Whitening Soya Milky, Orange Whitening and Premium Arbutin Soaps Review

Soya Milky Soap, P135
Orange Whitening Soap, P135
Premium Arbutin Soap, P135

Hola! Hahah. I'm actually feeling sick today because of cough and cold, still, I would want to be productive this semestral break so here's a review on the soaps sent to me by Bella S Whitening: Soya Milky, Orange Whitening and Premium Arbutin Soap. I had these months ago but providing an accurate review takes time and I had to make sure I was ready so...yeah!

Soya Milky Soap (White)

Claims:  This soap is hypoallergenic and is recommended to those who have sensitive skin. It is dermatologically tested safe and effective skin whitening. It has fast whitening effects. It is anti-aging soap with micropeeling. It also removes dead skin cells. It can give instant glow and smooth effect. Best for scars, dark spots, insect bite marks, and stretchmarks. Best used together with Premium Arbutin Soap and Whitening Lotion.

True to its claim, this soap is very gentle on skin. It smells so nice like vanilla (you know I'm bad at describing scents) and lathers creamily without drying the skin. As recommended, I used it together with the Premium Arbutin Soap which almost yield the same effect: micropeeling. I just can't vouch that Soya Milk Soap did the micropeeling because it is so gentle on my skin and I did not experienced it not until I used it together with the Premium Arbutin Soap on the second week of use. Just like most organic soaps that I have tried, this soap is best stored in dry places so as to prolong its life on soap dishes. Being mild on formula, I highly recommend it not just to those with sensitive skin but to any skin type as well. In my case, using it religiously for my super dry skin eventually helps me keep it hydrated and avoid the taut feeling harsh whitening soaps could give.

Orange Whitening Soap

Claims: This soap has pure active whitening ingredients. It is perfect for the face and will give you pinkish white glow. It helps fades pimple/acne marks and is suitable for oily skin. It also dries up pimples/acne faster. Dermatologically tested, safe and effective skin whitening.

Because I have oily skin with pimples and blemishes and large pores, this is what I have been excited to try most. As was using the Soya Milky Soap and Premium Arbutin Soap for my body, I prefer using this on my face based on the recommendation. On the first week of use, there was no improvement. I got few breakouts all over my face. It makes my skin feel taut and dry. But my impression changed on the succeeding days as I started to notice how my breakouts started to dry up and my skin became even more radiant. My skin feels firmer than ever and I started to be able to keep my oil at bay. My face became clearer too. I bet that with constant use (for months), your blemishes and pimple marks would surely start to become less noticeable.

Since I do not let it sit for more than 2 minutes on my face (because I was afraid that it will just make it drier), I did not experience any irritation nor micropeeling. Anyway, it does not claim to be a soap that does that though. Just like the Soya Milky Soap, this one melts easily too so place it only on dry surface.

Premium Arbutin Soap

Claims: It has micropeeling effect. It removes dead skin cells for that flawlessly smooth skin and gives you pinkish-white glow skin. This is your best all-in-one soap. Dermatologically tested safe and effective skin whitening.

Among the three, I would say that this one has the strongest formula among the three and the most drying as well, thus, very effective in lightening the skin. Yes, it can cause micropeeling provided that you let it sit for your skin for a long time like 5-10 minutes. In my case, I only use itogether with the Soya Milky Soap onmy skin with that time duration for two weeks where I experienced micropeeling. After that, I only allow it to stay for not more than 2 minutes. No micropeeling ever followed though. After I had a fresher layer, I noticed that it became lighter(but not too much), more glowing, radiant and clearer.

Overall, I think I like all these soaps. However, on thing I do not like about it is that they do not have sticker labels on it so I did not have any idea what their names or their claims and ingredients are. These drives me to their official account and good thing, they have information in their. While this mistake may not be forgivable trying the products would let you move on lol.  I swear by these. If you are looking for affordable, safe and effective soaps, try these.

Til my next post. Happy blogging!

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