Monday, October 17, 2016

Eco Skin Love Mineral DD Cream Review

Eco Skin Love Mineral DD Cream, 30ml
Bought for: Free | Original Price: P270
From: Eco Skin Love

Claims: Mineral-based SPF-30, minimizes pores, adjusts to any skin tone, whitens skin, blurs lines and pores, anti-pimples, anti-aging, suitable to any skin type, non-greasy, no white cast, can be used as makeup primer or can be used by itself

Ingredients: Macadamian Seed Oil, Mineral-based SPF30, Essential oils, Vit C, Glycerin, H2O, Fatty Acids, Epsom Salt

Here's a post that has long been overdue because I kept forgetting that I haven't written anything about it yet. I happened to remember it while I was commuting going to Monumento because one of the blogger/vlogger I admire went to Novo Monumento to buy some stuff. I guess I have to share with you my haul when I get home? Anyway, Novo is like a one-stop shop, more on like a mini mall where you can buy stuff from appliances to school stuff for a fraction of the mall's price! Seriously, all of the great buys there are dirt cheap! Uhm, so I was talking about Eco Skin Love DD Cream, the one I am using as a base primer the past few weeks.

First of all, are we familiar with DD Creams? Personally, I am not that yet knowledgeable about makeups so I have to use a search engine for my inquiry. To share with you, here's what (apparently the first site to come out) says about DD Creams: "DD Cream: Daily Defense. Like a glorified sunscreen. Called both a "daily defense" and less commonly a "dynamic do all", the DD cream is generally even lighter in texture than the CC cream. Like the BB cream and the CC cream, the DD cream generally has brightening and anti-aging ingredients."

So now that we have a little background about it, here's something about Eco Skin Love DD Cream for y'all!

First. packaging wise, I would say that this product is really travel-friendly as it comes in a plastic and not somewhere a fragile bottle and comes really small so it could fit pouches just perfectly unlike other heavy glass bottles of foundations. Second, it comes with a pump so dispensing product is something you have control on. Also, I would really like to comment on the labeling because it's got the description, benefits and ingredients all saying hi in there but no expiration nor manufacturing dates. 

The formula, when dispensed, looked like typical creams and smells like baby powder, though I presume it offers only a sheer coverage which, apparently, was probed upon application. The consistency is a whole lot different from BB and CC Creams of course. Whereas BB and CC Creams have thicker and more viscous consistency, DD Creams has lighter feel to it. Actually, I remember tinted moisturizers to it except this one incredibly feels so much lighter on the skin. When applied, it blends and dries very easily without patchiness. It also does not cake with its semi-matte finish. It leaves no shine at all but it does not feel flat matte or drying matte. In fact, this DD Cream is a good day moisturizer and primer that could hydrate skin just enough. With this, I think it is perfect for whatever skin type.

Upon application, you will instantly notice how your skin turns more radiant, softer and smoother not just by look but to by feel as well. Using this would lessen the appearance of pores, scars, dark spots and blemishes on skin but just like what I have said, it only delivers a sheer coverage so if you are more of a coverage girl, then opt for foundations or BB Creams or if you want, apply them on top of this DD Cream.

By the way, a swatch is provided below. You will see that my skin is nowhere near perfect: oily, has large pores, dark spots, marks and blemishes. But I know, the photo will say it all. It does not perfectly hide all the imperfections but it makes my skin look more photogenic lol. And sorry for the awkward dried product in the second photo. I did not notice it until I cropped the photo smaller. :)

During lazy days, I prefer using this alone and set it with some powder and there would be no sticky feeling, in fact, I don't feel like I have anything on the face. This product does not break me out too. Anyway, if you are wondering, a half pea-sized amount is already enough for my face and neck. Yes, very economical for that matter. Also, I noticed that it does not create white cast on the skin despite its high level of sun protection.

Overall, I was impressed with the first ever DD Cream I tried in the market. Aside from being made with only safe ingredients, it is also effective and affordable. I would love to repurchase but maybe not now because I am always looking for new products to try (and I'm broke lol). There you have it! Until my next post! Happy blogging!

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