Wednesday, October 5, 2016

First Impression: Mischka Derma Secret + Skin Care Products

Tomato Lightening Detox Glow 100g (P250)
Seaweed Peel Off Slimming Mask (P250)
Oatmeal Goat's Milk and Honey Soap (less than P100)
Derma Cover in Fair 20ml (P200)
Collagen With Enrich Lift Action 30ml (P300)
Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel (P50)

All from: Mischka Derma Secret

I have always been wanting to get my hands on Mischka Derma Secret Products and be able to review them. Good news happened and I was left starstruck with all these goodies on a basket. My, Ms. Mich sent these over! Thank you so much! Indeed, one of the most generous sponsors I had!

The first product that she sent me is this Tomato Lightening Detox Glow which is intended for scrubbing away dead skin cells on the skin. I think the scrubs are made of sugar or salt and tiny poppy seeds which does a good job in exfoliating and softening my skin. And it smells so nice too! You can't really ask me as I am that bad in describing. Huhu.

The Seaweed Peel Off Slimming Mask comes in a tube which dispense products effortlessly. When applied, it imparts some minty feel on skin which is painful at first then turns so refreshing once it dries. I have nothing against its scent too. The peeling is the most crucial part as you have to carefully peel the dried layer or it would tear apart. Hahah! I love peeling (masks)!

The Derma Cover in Fair comes in a small pump bottle that is indeed travel-friendly. A little would go a long way already. Don't put too much or you will end up looking a face full of white cast. Therefore, be careful how much you apply on. Scent wise, I love it! It also gives skin a radiant glow with a light coverage and unnoticeable cakiness!

I have not used the Oatmeal Goat's Milk and Honey Soap yet but it smells so creamy and yummy!  Can't wait to use it on bathtime!

The Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel is perfect for travel purposes. Not to mention how I can't go on a day without antibacterial products! This hand gel does not reek of alcohol, instead it smells fine. Not to mention how affordable it is!

My most favorite among all the products are the Collagen With Enrich Lift Action intended to make skin look younger and healthier. I decided to use anti-aging products because I am turning 20! It has micro-shimmers on it which makes skin looks so radiant and glowing. It smells nice too, for your information! It dries seconds after application and leaves a refreshing feel without stickiness.

And yes, that's all for today! You can visit Mischka Derma Secret (link above)  for more information. Til my next post!  Happy blogging! 

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