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Leiania House of Beauty Kiwi and Tea Tree Green Clay Bar (Acne Cleansing and Healing Soap) Review

Leiania House of Beauty Kiwi and Tea Tree Green Clay Bar
Bought for: Free | Original Price: P180

Claims: Dead skin cells from the skin, transport important nutrients to into the dermal layers of the skin, rich in Vit C to keep skin firm, packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. They help fight acne and clear the pores to prevent further breakout.
Kiwi fruit when used on skin can bring down various forms of skin inflammations like boils, zits, pimples and abscess which makes it a great tandem with Tea Tree that has wonderful antiseptic and antifungal benefits. While Expect instantly refreshed and calm skin with Bentonite Clay, to help control breakouts and balance sebum production, significantly reducing inflammation and the appearance of a blemish overnight. This makes your morning a whole lot easier!
Plant Sourced Natural Ingredients: Saponified Blended Vegetable, Pure Coconut, Castor Bean, Olive Oil, Sunflower and Canola Oils, Fresh Kiwi Extracts, Bentonite Clay, *Tea Tree Leaf Powder, Himalayan Salt, Vegetable Glycerine, Tea Tree Australian, Bergamot and Orange Sweet Essential Oils, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid.

Here's a review on Leiania House of Beauty Kiwi and Tea Tree Green Clay Bar which my mom and I are currently obsessing with. Okay, it's not as if I have tried a lot of soaps in the market, but I had an inference that this would really do me good prior to usage.

Lemme see the hands of organic lovers out there! If you want to unbend from using products with harsh chemicals, here's a solution for you--a product that is cruelty-free and only are composed of plant-derived ingredients. You really can't doubt Ms. Favia's products in terms of safety in formula. Moreover, this product is not only loaded with nutrients but with information too--something that will be very much appreciated by those who are very particular with complete product labeling. And look! The packaging even has stickers with manufacturing and expiry dates printed on it as well as some proof of authentication and other information.

As you can see, the bar itself looks sooooo cute with specs of Tea Tree Leaf Powder (thanks to the ingredient list!) which also acts as mild exfoliators. Since it is a two-toned bar, I kind of think that maybe the lighterand the darker side have different purposes. I'll leave it to you though. Anyway, let's talk about it as a whole lol.

The product when wet with water suds very gently. When you hold it in your palms, there seems to be a creamy feeling on the soap which I find really nice because drugstore soaps has all that same hard texture if that makes sense. The soap's texture is uber soft, thus, melts easily. It's kinda exaggerated on that part because in our case, wetting it once would already make the bar mushy. After few more days, it would be like scooping melted cream on top of soap dish. Swear! Good thing, I was used to splitting up soaps in smaller bars.

The scent could be a little overpowering for scent sensitives out there because it's reeking of Kiwi (if that is really Kiwi) which is very similar to LHOB Primea Beauty Kit with Kiwi as its main ingredient.

What I like about it is that it does not cause my skin any adverse reaction like breakouts or any kind of irritation. However, it does not really cure my current pimples too, nor provided significant results like making my skin more even toned. It also did not reduce the appearance of my pimple marks or control sebum production as it claims even after finishing the bar. On a lighter note, my mom who has an even more beautiful skin (and who fortunately was blessed with pimple-less face during her teenage years) was really ecstatic because it is the only soap that I have tried which works on her too. She, in fact, exclaimed that it makes her skin super soft and smooth and that she is really hiyang to the product. I believe my mom, of course, because she does not favor me changing soaps every now and then, yet she approved of this.

Overall, I like this soap for its gentleness, safety and exfoliation factor. If I am to repurchase, I would for my mom but for personal use? I'm having second thoughts not because this does not work satisfyingly for me but because I am still up for new discoveries. However, I do recommend it to anyone whichever skin type you have because this soap is really gentle. Anyway, if you have further question about this product, please leave a comment down below or you can simple visit Leiania House of Beauty on their following accounts: Instagram, Website, Blog, Facebook.

See you on my next post! Happy blogging!

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