Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Loreal Gel Intenza 36H Eyeliner in Profound Black Review

Loreal Gel Intenza 36H Eyeliner in Profound Black, 2.8g
Bought for: P400
Bought from: Beautymnl

Claims: An easy-to-use long-lasting gel liner that lines eyes with rich, make-a-difference pigments; luxuirous gel texture glides on easily; long-wearing formula lasts up to 24 hours without smearing; fitted with a professional-inspired brush for seamless application.

Back in high school, I remembered that it was not yet about the eyebrow craze, rather, each of my classmates were obsessed with cat eyes and so do I. Since the school administration was forbidding the wearing of makeup to class, we took our chance every time we're having school-related activities just to be able to wear cat eyes in different length and width as we wished. I also remember having to borrow those cheap liquid eyeliners from friends because I do not have one. Spotting Loreal Gel Intenza 36H Eyeliner on Beautymnl brings nostalgic memories to me especially now that I'm graduating from college. Actually, the Loreal Gel Intenza 36H Eyeliner is not just the first ever gel liner I owned, but honestly the very first eyeliner I bought with a brand name.

As you can see, the product comes in a small fragile glass jar with a sleek-designed gold cover. Maybe this is why this product does not dry fast as long as preserved in a closed compartment if not used. Another thing why it standout is that while some of the few brand competitors's gel liners I have tried dry fast, this one stays strong preventing the air from entering the jar (*proper storage is still the main key though). In fact, this gel liner has been with me for a year already and the consistency is still good as new.

By the way, it's currently on sale at 50% off at Beautymnl but the packaging does not feel like it. I mean the whole thing looks classy and high-end. It even comes with a professional eyeliner brush with dense hair that offers precision application. However, I find it not slim enough to give me that thin cat eye I would want to sport, still, I can work with it by twisting the handle side ways so I get the thinner angle.

The product itself looks really dark like jet black and which dries into matte. Unlike other liquid and gel liners, this one does not have that shiny finish so if you prefer matte than those, you will definitely like this. Also, it does not have any strong scent to it. I smelled it again just now and I can't smell anything which is good especially for those who are scent-sensitives. However, even if it smells awful, I would still 

The product has a 2.8g content of eyeliner but even that number can't compare to how many times you could use this product. In other words, super sulit, especially you only need a very tiny amount to line your eyes. True to its claim, this product glides easily on skin without tugging. However, be informed that the product dries fast once scooped up so make sure to apply it on your eyes as fast as you can to avoid tugging. If you are someone who likes to smear eyeliners for that smokey eyes, smear as fast as you can while it's still wet! And because of its fast-drying formula, I advise that you seal the product close as soon as you finished using it or if you can, try to shut the jar close every now and then even during the application process to make sure that less air could pass through.

See, the product really looks dewy but does not leave a finish like what you see above. And look at the used part! I tried bringing it during our advertising activity when we need to dress really presentable and corporately and a lot of my friends asked me to let them use it and look what's left! We even barely consumed a quarter size! Take note that I used it a lot of times prior to our activity. Yes, this product is very economical to use. Your 400 bucks is super worth it, let alone the discounted price to avail a jar this size!

By the way, a swatched below is provided for your own reference. The first photo displays the swatch of the product. Look how precise the application can be and the million-dollar-looking pigmentation it offers. When kept dry, this product does not smear at all. I don't have oily lids to begin with so it does not really smears on me but I have a friend who tried it on the day of our activity and she got oily lids, therefore, this product smears on her. Too bad. The second and the third photo probe this as well. With this, I do not recommend it to those who have oily eyelids unless you use an eye primer just so it stays longer. The last photo shows what's left after I tried putting pressure while rubbing the product with water. Most of the product got washed off but the residue could tell us that this product is really fighting to be long-watering. Of course, you would hate it more if it's really hard to remove even when provided with soap and water, right?

Overall, I love it! Not just me but all of my friends who tried it! They even asked me where and how much I did spend for it because they were really amazed! This is definitely a product worth gushing and recommending for and yes, I would definitely be repurchasing since it's affordable and works well on me!

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