Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mischka Derma Secret Seaweed Peel Off Slimming Mask (Best for Cellulite) Review

Mishka Derma Secret Seeweed Peel Off Slimming Mask
Bought for: Free | Original Price: P250

Claims: It will stimulate removal of fat from the tissue; create natural glow and healthy radiance for all skin; replenish the skin with moisture.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Laminaria Algae, Seeweed Extract

I just finished shopping on HTP, yes, again. I know I am supposed to stop because I am saving for some high-end skin care now that I am getting remarkable amount of zits on my face and I freakin have no idea why, but I can't seem to stop. It's Saturday so it's shopping day and Sunday too of course because that's the time HTP uploads new items. Anyway, I came to thinking that maybe I drop by and upload this review of Mishka Derma Secret Seeweed Peel Off Slimming Mask which was sent to me by Ms. Misch few weeks ago.

While I am not really proud of having a petite frame, I kind of feel grateful for not being stout as well. Actually, I once had been chubby in my life especially on grade school but I guess the school stress and different fitness programs I underwent (CAT) really contributed to me sinking in size. Because of this, I am no longer have to consume slimming products which meant a great deal for me. You might think of what I'm gonna confess as something that's so ridiculous but I gotta have to use this slimming peel-off mask on areas where I needed slimming: cheeks. Crazy, right? I know. My body could blew up like a balloon or shrink like popsicle sticks but my cheeks stay the same. People usually like to joke around and pinch it saying it's cute that way, lucky them they don't have it. Now I had to admit, this is my greatest insecurity to date. Thanks, Ms. Misch, I turned hopeful! Hooray!

I'm familiar with chili as something that could turn the face into the perfect V everyone likes but I haven't heard of seeweed nor algae to do the trick. While I'm always up for new discoveries, it still strikes me as something amazing especially now that even local organic brands participates in beauty-related innovations. Anyhoo, let's start the review!

Okay, I like the packaging, it comes in an easy-squeeze tube which makes dispensing easy as product won't be stuck at the bottom like on bottles. With this, you'll be rest assured that the contents fall off effortlessly because it stands upright. The cover shuts tight with a click so any spilling is avoided. It also displays the active ingredients, benefits, directions and other claims so we'll all have our reference.

This has a good amount of product inside considering that I only use this on small areas of my face. However, if used on the entire body, I think a tube would last you no more than a week.

When dispensed, a mint-colored, paste-like in consistency, liquid will come out. For me, it smells really good and again, I am bad at describing scents but if I am to guess, it smells like eucalyptus--something minty. What I usually do is wash my face, pat it dry then apply a generous amount of the product on my whole face so it's not just my cheeks that will benefit as according to its claim, it also creates natural glow and healthy radiance which is true.

Seconds after application, the minty effect will take action causing a little stingy sensation which would somehow turns refreshing once dried. Sometimes, I would find myself teary-eyed so what I advise you to do, if you plan on getting one for yourself, is avoid applying this on areas around your eyes and mouth because it hurts (also on areas where you have scratches). What I like about it is that it really relaxes my skin and my senses with the cool effect it imparts which could last few more minutes after you had your mask on. In my case, I still feel the cooling effect by the time I apply my moisturizer. Sometimes, I think I put my moisturizer in the refrigerator only to remember it was the mask taking effect.

When dried, I don't usually peel it off as it does not dry to an elastic kind of mask like the one iWhite has or maybe you should really put a thick layer of the slimming mask on your face to achieve that "one-time peeling". Rinsing off would be my resort as the mask tends to rip apart when peeled. Aside from the cooling sensation, this mask makes my skin look radiant, soft, smooth, moisturized and glowing that instant!

Finishing the tube for two-three weeks (using it every night) did not significantly make my cheek turned slimmer. Either my cheeks are meant to be that enormous or I would have to use the peeling mask for another weeks to really notice a significant change on my cheek size. OR this product is not really meant for face use (but nothing's written on the sticker as to where to properly use it, right?). Either way, I think Mischka Derma Secret Seaweed Peel Off Slimming Mask is a good facial mask that would restore your natural and healthy radiant skin in an instant! What else can I say? As it did not break me out nor caused me any irritation, I would still think it's worth a repurchase.

Tell me when you decided to try one for yourself! If you have more inquiries, don't hesistate to visit them on their Instagram and Official Website! Happy blogging!

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