Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nature Republic Provence Calendula Daily Sun Block SPF 50+ PA +++ Review

Nature Republic Provence Calendula Daily Sun Block, 57ml
Bought for: P460 (higher on stores)

Claims: A daily sunblock for the whole year round for sun protection, whitening, and wrinkle care. With Chamomile and Calendula Extracts which soothe the skin well and its pink base makes the skin one naturally bright and glowing. Rich and fresh formula is free from parabens, mineral oil and artificial colors minimizing the risk of skin irritations and making it suitable for all skin types. Creamy texture is soft and it gives light wearing without stickiness.

Regardless of the time of the day, I know that wearing sun block is a must. That is why even at night, I prefer to wear moisturizers with SPF on it because while sun is considered as the main source of harmful UV radiation, UV lamps, arc welding, mercury vapour lamps etc can also emit UV rays which can accelerate aging and other terrible effects. It's better to be safe than sorry, right?

Honestly, I prefer purchasing foundations with built-in SPF to save time applying two different products. However, I was lured to buying a separate sunblock last summer when I was commuting to Makati from Valenzuela for my OJT. And holy fudge, it was summer when the sun's rays are the warmest so it made me decide to purchase a sun protection product without consulting to blogs prior to buying. I regret it though because using it was a total mistake. Yes, for its price, I was really disappointed. To know why, please keep on reading.

The packaging is really nice as it comes in a tube which allows easy product dispensing. I just don't appreciate the description part which is written in Korean letters. I understand it was made from Korea but users are not only Koreans so why not provide a separate portion where it's translated to a universal language so everybody can understand. Even the back part of the box is useless. Anyway, if you can read Korean, then you have no problem anymore.

Hey! I found this! Thank goodness, the ingredient list is written in English. For those who are an avid user of anything paraben-free, go for this. And if you are very scent-sensitive, I think you would like it as it smells mild and gentle.

To be honest, the thing that I abhor about this product is the consistency and how it looks on my skin. First, the consistency is, yes, soft and creamy, yet thick and greasy. The swatch provided below does not do justice on how shiny it looks on skin because my hands are really dry and are in dire need of moisture. The moment I put the pink-base formula on my face, there is an obvious brightening effect which could look really awkward for me who has a yellow undertone. I try it for the second time and put only half of what I put on the first time but the effect is still the same. Sometimes, I find it quite hard to blend on skin and as much as I want to get rid of the white cast, it just don't happen. I try to think that maybe it is the result of the high sun protection the formula has but it if strives to give me this look, I would be much more willing to switch to a sunscreen that dries to a barely-there finish rather than dewy. I bet there's ton in the market. Products which offer dewy finish do not really go well with my oily skin. It just don't.

I also try to apply this under makeup but it made application quite hard because it results to patchiness. It claims to be light-wearing but I do not really see it as one as it triggers abnormal oil buildup on the surface of my skin and when it mixes with my facial oils... hallelujah. I know you won't want to look like an oil depot, right? With this, I do not recommend it for those who have oily skin. It, claiming to be good for all skin types, is really ridiculous.

Though this did not flare me up nor cause me irritation, I would still prefer not to repurchase. I would still want those who have a lighter consistency and dries to a matte finish with the same claims and benefits. Please be advised that all the things I have said in here are based on my own opinion and experience. Also, who knows some people out there consider Nature Republic Provence Calendula Daily Sun Block a favorite? It just depends on our own preference, okay? Hihi! I'm excited to watch Inlawfully yours on Netflix, so bye for now. Happy blogging!

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