Sunday, October 9, 2016

Part 1: Half The Price Clothing Collection Haul!

Hi, guys! So lately, I stopped buying skin care and makeup products because I have to punish myself for the delay in reviewing sponsored products. This is also another way to ensure that nothing is left to promises. As promised, I would be doing reviews to each of the products my generous sponsors gave me. Anyway, I thought I could refrain myself from spending much, but here I am buying more clothes than usual. Heck, I can't help jumping into the bandwagon every time fashion enthusiasts would hurry to comment mine from the HTP collection just to get first dibs on their quality pieces of clothing and which are also considered to be exclusively sewn pieces. Seriously, I can't help stopping myself from doing anything for an hour just to focus on commenting "Mine" on their clothes.

For your information, HTP or Half The Price is a booming Instagram shop catering to fashionistas out there! They sell not just high quality products but trendy pieces as well for a cheaper price! They also have different collections every week and only upload them every 8:00 PM of Saturday and Sundays. If you never wanna miss out on their "steal" items, better hurry in reserving yours seconds after publishing their post! Sometimes, no, most of the time, it only takes 5 seconds for them to get sold out. Here, you will be able to exercise your ninja skills. Lol. Anyway, without further ado, here are the pieces I got from them from the recent collections. I will be including the prices for your reference.

Long Back Tee, P150

Stars Pullover, P220

White Leotard, P110

Light Pink Batwing Pullover, P210

Red Striped Crop Top, P120

(Bought from Shopee)

Blue Tie Gartered Shorts, P150

Floral Pullover, P180 (Bought from Shopee)

Light Pink Ribbed Crop Top, P150

Checkered Cutout Top, P150

Red Striped Basic Tee, P180

Boxy Tee, P170 (Bought from Shopee)

Striped Trapeze Top, P180

Mint Pocket Hoodie Top, P250 (Bought from Shopee)

I will be posting my Part 2: Half The Price Clothing Collection Haul once I got hold of my latest purchases from them. Hoho! By the way, these are not yet everything I have right now, a couple of tops are already in the laundry, some, however, are open for reservations. Just because I am selling them does not mean that I don't like them any less, they wouldn't just fit me well. Too big for girls with petite frames, I guess. Anyway, that's all! Til my next post! Happy blogging!

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