Friday, October 21, 2016

Part 2: Half The Price Clothing Collection Haul!

I've been bored to death this semestral break that's probably why I am here today. And oh, by the way, I changed my blog template to a simple one because most of my gadgets on the sidebar seem to not be working well. Please, help me find a website designer or developer so I can purchase a new customized layout! I can't really do html thing blah.

Moving forward, I really do hope everybody's doing well and are safe especially with this typhoon Lawin going on and such. To provide a little entertainment here especially to those who are self-proclaimed shopaholic and fashionistas out there, let me share to you my recent HTP clothing haul which I got from their previous collection! Please note that this post is not in anyway sponsored. As such, clothes are bought with my own money. I did not purchase everything on the main shop though, some were from resellers, others were swapped etc. Anyway, I'll just say where I get them when we get there! Lol.

And now for my haul! Sorry if I was just making you see the teaser as I can't let you see the whole outfit so you would not know it's it when you see me wear them lol. I don't know if I'm making any sense, but, oh well.

Pull-On Pocket Skirt, P250

This pocket skirt is something that I think would go well with almost anything be it crop top, sweater, tees, etc because of its chic yet sporty look. However, it looks quite large for my body frame so I am just selling it. Should HTP come up with smaller sizes, bam, I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Elephant Romper, P260

With the romper trend, I'm starting to feel that what people like about them is how convenient they are to wear everyday. With this, you get a pair already so you save time looking for top and bottom. So you guessed, I jumped into the bandwagon and bought myself this. The fabric of this romper, which happened to be challis, is super soft to the touch. It is something you can wear comfortably with the humid weather we have in the Philippines.

White Lace Top, P199

This top really looks elegant with the lace and lining though I prefer it more in darker shades rather than looking so pure in white. I really hope HTP would produce it in different shades like off-white or camel maybe?

Letters Bodycon Dress, P150 (on sale)

The overall print of this bodycon dress looks so casual at the same time very stylish. The fabric is thick and is not super stretchy that you wouldn't lose the figure. I could imagine myself wearing this with a denim polo or jacket or probably a gray cardigan over it.

Navy Blue Tie Cutout, P150

I had to buy this top because it was love at first sight--what I felt for it. Every cut seem so stylishly seamed, even the fabric is of good quality! I bet when purchased on malls, it is worth a thousand more!

White BKK Tee, P149

When buying clothes, I cannot just get myself to choose style over comfort. That is why I always keep something basic like a wear-everyday tees on my closet for lazy days. Good thing, HTP sells this high quality v-neck top in color white. I got the large one because I know it will feel a lot more comfortable when worn. Did you know that I prefer loose over fit?

Navy Blue Georgette Off-Top, P199

This top has a good quality fabric, even the design could certainly pass mall standard. I don't know what else to say. I love this off-shoulder top with its georgette fabric! So classy and fab!

Knit Pocket Blazer, P250

This knit pocket blazer is so in! This reminds me very well of fall where people dresses with knits and sweaters. Sadly, we're not gifted with fall. Anyway, for people like me who loves fall clothing, this is your ultimate life saver! Because it does not come with fitted long sleeves (3/4/ or 3/5 only), it still feels okay even during hot days. And I believe that it's a really exclusive design, I did not see anything alike before! Unique!

Off White Knit Tee, P199

I got this knit tee from a fellow Instagram seller when we swapped items. You know...the idea of swapping things so you acquire new things in return. Well, apparently, they could be preloved stuff but I think this one is new when I got it. What can I say, I love it! I would trade most of my items to have this!

"Uniqlo" Fabric Top, P199

At first, I thought I would not like it upon seeing it worn by one of the HTP models. I think it will not fit me but lo and behold! It's got the softest fabric I have touched, it feels so cool on skin and stretches like meters! Truly like a Uniqlo top! Super good quality indeed! I love it!

White U-Neck Tee, P140

There's actually one more but the photograph fails to be uploaded. Anyway, the last top is in color white with a neoprene fabric. The fit was awesome, the fabric too, gosh, it just wears comfortably and I like it so much!

If you notice, all the stuff I bought were in neutral shades, none of those bright, colorful clothes, because I just feel like it. I want white and black and gray, blue, yes, because for me, they look so classy even when they are just basics.

Some of the stuff I bought from HTP were not here since I have been selling them online either because they do not look good/does not fit on me or I changed my mind about even wanting them on my closet. By the way, you could see them when you visit my Instagram (@fashbeaubyhanna) and Shopee (@hannapoleng) accounts.

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