Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Product Empties from September - October 2016

Hi! I'm just dropping by to also drop (lol) another blog post which will comprise the list of my product empties for the month of September to October and some mini reviews about them. Be sure to check my individual reviews if you want to know more about it! Anyway, let's proceed!

1. Jergens...can't read the name lol. What I like about it is how it easily blends on skin and dries really fast. Unlike other lotion, it has a thin consistency so you won't have any problem on stickiness and such. Nice cherry scent. Classic!

2. Belo Sun Expert SPF 60 PA+++. Sunblock which creates white cast and leaves a super greasy residue is a no-no for the humid weather. Good thing, this sunscreen got your back! Stay protected under the harmful rays of the sun without sacrificing comfort!

3. CP-1 Keratin Silk Injection Serum. This hair serum is a must-have as it effectively moisturizes the hair without making it dull, limp and flat. Scent is okay though the content of the tube won't really last you a long time. Still, you can stock up as much as you want because it is soooo cheap.

4. Skin White Advanced Power Whitening Lotion. This lotion has a greasy after-feel but does great in giving skin that instant white glow without making it look awkward!

5. Leiania House of Beauty Micellar Water Eau de Fleur. This product is an effective makeup remover that is really tough on dirt but not on skin.  love how it effortlessly removes makeup without drying the skin.

6. Quick FX No-Shine Mattifier. This is a nice primer as it really prolong makeup on skin. A little goes a long way too so most likely a sachet would last you a month. I love how it makes my skin matte and a good canvas for applying makeup without spending much!

7. Chica Y Chico Aztazet 4.0. This cream is expensive (bought for something P500) but does not really do its job. This does not work for me, I don't know with yours. I hate it in fact because it cause me several tiny bumps on my face as if I have an allergy. Gaaah, it never happened before!

9. Spot Me Clear! Moisturizer. This cream dries easily on the skin without leaving it greasy and sticky. Therefore, I recommend it to those who wants to clarify the skin without the discomfort of heavy creams. 

I know there's not too much so the next month should recuperate lol. More empties to come haha! Til my next post! Happy blogging!

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