Friday, October 7, 2016

Professional Skin Care Formula Clarifying Toner and Kojic Acid Soap

Kojic Acid Soap
Clarifying Toner
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Hi, guys! Here's a review of the Professional Skin Care Formula Kojic Acuid Soap and Clarifying Toner for you!

Rejuvenating Soap

First, the packaging for the soap is simple yet transparent so you exactly can already see what product you will apply or use on your skin. I guess the complete labeling pays off too since OC consumers would see the ingredients list, directions for use, warning, storage and proof of authenticity--the silver seal. This would shut me up because I will know that I am not into getting the side effects for using products with lots of imitation in the market. Better be safe than sorry, right?

Moving on to the review proper...This is not my first time trying out the Kojic Acid Soap as my mom brought home two of these even before Lavish Skin Care sent me one. I would say that the soap does not change in any way like formulation or scent or what. It still smells citrusy and I don't know why but sometimes, I find it strong but tolerable. It melts easy on soap dish as well so better keep it on a dry surface after every bath to prolong its life. Life talaga? Lol. This soap suds richly too and I believe that this is why it is so drying. That being said, you are not allowed to skip putting some moisturizer on your skin after bath to seal in and replace loss moisture.

Using this soap religiously, I noticed that I experienced micro-peeling, that is, if you let the product stay on your skin for more than five minutesat minimum. For those who wants to achieve a lighter and more flawless skin, you might like the those who are experiencing excessive skin drying might find this a turn-off. Thus, I recommmend you to still visit your dermatologist before trying this out.

Because it is created by Professional Skin Care, I can't help stereotyping that all their products are a bit harsh on skin and therefore is intended for matured pelts only because of the peeling process. To my surprise, it suits my teenage skin as well! Aside from being drying, this does not cause me excessive breakouts. Yay! However, if you really want a significant result in terms of skin lightening, I suggest to use it everyday for a long period of time and at least twice a day. But of course, never ever forget to apply moisturizer and sunblock as this could increase skin's sensitivity to sun exposure.

Clarifying Toner

Okay, at first, I was really afraid trying out this clarifying toner because my mom used the rejuvenating toner before and she told me it was really painful on skin. This made me hesitant trying this out but with continuous internal push (me ganun? lol), I finally had the courage to try it for myself for review purposes. I did not expect to like it of course. But now I do.

In all fairness, this toner feels gentle on it though it makes my skin feel taut afterwards. The transparent, watery-like consistency of the product dries fast on skin so I would not have to bother fanning my hands on my face. I experienced this with my previous toner, okay? Hahaha! I am not exaggerating lol. Anyway, the scent has a hint of chemicals on it but I did expect it to be that way because it is a dermal product. Still, I like the scent. I believe this toner is gentler than the rejuvenating toner so if you have low tolerance for pain and redness, go for the clarifying set.

As I have said, I like this toner because it can heal pimples and prevent future breakouts which are very prominent on my skin right now due to lack of sleep and stress caused by school projects and the deym thesis. Huhu. Anyway, I am surviving so as my skin!

Overall, I am satisfied in using Professional Skin Care Clarifying Toner and Kojic Acid Soap--both from Lavish Skin Care. If you have further inquiries, kindly contact them, link is provided above on the product caption. Until my next post, beautiful ladies! And oh, by the way, my MASSIVE BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY where five winners will be chosen, is still up on! Kindly look at the right side bar for the link top mechanics and other rules! Good luck and happy blogging!

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