Friday, October 28, 2016

Skin Sensation Lip and Cheek Stains Review

Skin Sensation Lip and Cheek Stains, 10 ml
Bought for: Free: Original Price: P150/each
From: Lola Online Shop (Skin Sensation)

Ingredients: Panthenol, Aloe Vera, Licorice, Phenoxyethenol, Niacinamide, Papaya Extract, Flavor and Color

When I prefer to sport a no-makeup makeup look, which honestly, is everyday, I would go for lip and cheek stains. Everyone who are close to me knows that I am not a lipstick type of person though I have a few on my stash. Most of them are still left untouched as I can't seem to liken the heavy feeling they imparts. Also, my lips are very sensitive that almost everything I put on make it super dry and chap and even trusted lip balms does nothing to cure it. That is why I am very particular to what I put on it. Sometimes, I just had to tolerate the awful reactions just to make my lips rosy and pinkish. Tiis-ganda, ganun. That is why tints which are not drying are the top priority on my to-discover list.

I have tried a lot of lip and cheek stains, be it drugstore ones, Korean products and organic lip tints, but to date, only KJM Lip and Cheek Tints and The Saem Saemmul Real Tint somehow passed my standard when it comes to non-drying lip and cheek stains. Though sometimes they could be drying too, but not when I put on some moisturizer under. Unfortunately, others do not really work well with my Vaseline. Today, here's another brand of Lip and Cheek Stains which I will be reviewing most especially for those who are lip and cheek tints addicts like me!

The product comes in a typical roll-on glass bottles which is okay for me though I really prefer the ones with a doe foot applicator as you can easily control the amount you want to put on your lips while smearing the product with ease. With roll-ons, there tends to be areas with more tints on and you still have to use your fingers to distribute the product evenly on your lips. I also appreciate the manufacturing and expiry dates presented on either cover or bottom part of the bottle wherein you can also peek through the shade inside without having to swatch the product.

Just like most of the lip tints I have tried, this one can also be drying. I guess all lip tints are since they dry into matte. However, I could compare these to KJM Lip tints in terms of the finish which is very well pigmented and how long-wearing they are. I swear, I had a hard time removing the stains during my swatching time as the tints are super long-lasting on my lips and I really had to wipe them several times and they still would not budge--I can barely remove them even until the next day! This is why I can't tell you to trust my lip swatches below as I had a lot of layers on just to make the shades pop out because there are still stains left from the first shades that I swatched. However, I did provide a hand swatch for you which are more accurate and natural-looking.

If I have to pick my top one, no make it three, I would choose Amber, Barbie and Scarlette (sorry I mispelled it on the photo) since I think they had less orange undertone which is on the least of the shade I would want. The rest of the shades Ruby, Margaret, Belle and Sassa comes in orange in different hues.

The Scarlette looks more like brown to me which I think makes me look fierce lol. At least wearing it makes me look like my face is more mature than I really am 'cause I hate it when they say that I have baby face haha! The Ruby, though I expect it to be more like bloody red in shade could have been more nicer-looking too provided that it looks more like red than red orange. The Margaret, though looks cute, is not something I would want to wear on a daily basis because I would look like someone who is obsessed with Cheese Curls (Did I spell it right? Or it is Cheez Curls? Geez.). The Barbie looks bright pink which I think is great if you want to sport some innocent look (but not in an ugly or bad way). The Amber, which looks like fuchsia to me, is really a beautiful shade. It's currently my go-to lip tint. For me, the Belle and Sassa are almost having the same shade except the Belle on is a little bit darker in terms of color.

Please bear with me as I am not really great in providing lip swatches hoho. Look, the lip swatch of Scarlette looks a bit tormented because that is the last shade I swatched and I've been having real trouble removing the first shades I tried on. However, to be honest, I like Skin Sensation Lip and Cheek Stains, not because they are sponsored but because each shade is really very pigmented, affordable, long-lasting and did I tell you how sweet their scents are??? Like candies??? Unlike most of lip tints in the market, these ones do not have any bitter taste. Though they can give a stingy feeling on spots where you have broken skin which disappears after a few seconds.

And that's all! Happy blogging!

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