Sunday, October 23, 2016

Why I Want An OPPO F1s

On my nineteenth birthday, I was very lucky when my mom gifted me an OPPO Neo 5. It wasn't even the latest model because that was what they can only afford then given that my enrollment is soon too happen, but I was sure as hell that my first OPPO phone is something I would not try leaving at home. I loved it for thousand things, one is because I look really photogenic and flawless on selfies, it's thin, it's got a protective cover which I did not really remove because there's no need to, it does not lag, etc. In fact, everyone who are close to me know that my OPPO phone becomes my life. Even when I get a new mobile phone, there's no way I'm letting it go.

While I'm not really fond of playing games, therefore, my memory will not be storing any online games ever, this very feature of OPPO F1s--where the 3GB RAM and octa-core 64 bit processor make for smooth multitasking and seamless switching between apps, movies and music--I must admit is really impressive. Though I do not really play games with my mobile phone, I am someone who loves to watch movies, read novels, stream music from my favorite OPM and International singers and even sell items on buy and sell applications! Not only that, I also use my mobile phone to write blog post like this or even my essay homework and I do them almost all at the same time! It's true, I do mostly everything with my phone.

Now my eyes has been focused on the OPPO F1s, I would really be looking forward to level up my mobile experience by using a gadget that would allow me to smoothly multitask. Honestly, the hassle of exiting one application and switching to the next one is very prevalent on mobile phones and an innovation like this with a high-speed memory and fast processor would do great to a person who wants to save time like me. Truth be told, I am not really a very technological kind of person, I am not really familiar with technological terms, but for someone who always does multitasking, I believe OPPO F1s is a good investment to begin with given this feature.

OPPO has been known to provide clear and flawless photographs, it's quick touch feature, its slim, sleek and wide screen design, etc. But more than anything, I want an OPPO F1s to make my life simple, hassle-free and better than ever.

Have you tried an OPPO F1s? Let's talk about it!

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