Saturday, November 5, 2016

Current Go-To Fragrances

Good evening, everyone! Apparently, my first day in class was supposed to be last November 03 but my professor was not able to come that day. Friday was a free day so there's only Saturday to mark the beginning of my second semester a.k.a last semester a.k.a semester before I graduate a.k.a hell semester. Whoops. To be honest, I'm kinda scared for these last few months because of the final thesis, defenses for screenings and other outputs. To refresh and get stress off of my mind, I tried including three fragrances which I like using the past few days. The scents are like stress-relievers! 

I only got the Victoria Secret Fragrance Mist in Amber Romance during a swap with a fellow seller. I was really willing to trade anything for it because it's a favorite scent of mine. I remember my mom bought me this perfume and a counterpart lotion before and the scent was so heavenly--I could not forget about it. Not to mention how long-lasting VS fragrances are! 

On the other hand, the Luxe Parfum in Coachella Night has a citrusy scent which is, it's kinda weird, but I like spraying it on my handkerchief during a commute where I stuff it on my nose to filter any polluting scents. The Penshoppe Pocket Scents Mia Body Spray has a note of sweetness and citrus scent which I would like to sport during lazy days just to freshen up a bit. 

So these three are my go-to scent slash favorite fragrances as of the moment. Care to share yours? Happy blogging! 

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