Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Witch's Pouch Foundation with SPF 30 PA++ in Shade Natural Beige Review

Witch's Pouch Foundation with SPF 30 PA++, 40ml
Bought from: Althea Philippines
Bought for: P490 (Discounted)

I just received an e-mail invitation for a book launch and it really saddened me that school will happen so there's a bigger chance I may not be able to come. I was ecstatic of course because it would be my first time being invited to a book launch but I know school first. If it's meant to be, I believe it will be, thus if I'm meant to come, I'll be there. Lol. I could use up some of your positive vibes, you know? Anyway, to make my mood a little lighter, I will just share to you my thoughts about Witch's Pouch Foundation with SPF 30 PA++ in Shade Natural Beige.

The product comes in a very unusual type of packaging for foundations but I think the combination of matte black and transparent body, where you can easily peek through the true shade of the foundation, is super cute! Is it just me or everyone's thinking of those foundation in glass pump bottles and tubes? Well, I realized that in my attempt to notice the packaging, I forgot that it's not as if I have tried or own a lot of foundation lol. Anyway, the body of the container does not really help enlighten me with the benefits of this product with all those Korean words. But lo and behold! The box's description are written in English! Whoo, I very seldom encounter Korean products with English description (well, again, it's not as if I have own a lot) so this is a first. The pump is very helpful though especially in controlling the amount to be dispensed.

I also did not forget to include the ingredient lists and claims which you can read down below. I know you want it. ;)

The shade that I got is in No. 21 or Natural Beige, which is the lightest shade for Korean BB Creams and Foundations. Well, we are all aware that most of their products have light shades because Koreans have naturally fair skin. However, I picked the wrong shade for me. I know it may seem too ambitious of me to put this on cart with my tanned skin but I swear, I did not intend to. I was supposed to get the darker shade which is 23 but before I know it, I already placed the order and paid for it. I just realized that I picked more wrong foundation shades than right ones in my entire life. Either I do not know how to pick the right shade for me or the pictures online showing swatches are kind of deceiving. Well, I think both! Sorry about that guys. I have been wanting to level up my makeup skills and I hope I really get there. Lol.

The product consistency is really creamy, with a strong peachy pink undertone and a bit thick for my liking. Also, it is strongly scented like perfume but it's not something that really bothers me. In fact, loving it is an understatement.

On the back of my hand, the shade fits really well but I do have lighter skin in there so that is what I used for my swatch. I find that the product is a lot easier to blend with a sponge than with fingers or brushes, however, whatever I use with it, the product seem to look 'unfit'. Was it the shade? Or the white cast it gives? I have no idea. The good thing is that I could easily layer a tone darker powder foundation to set everything in. However, as I perspire (I do perspire on my face especially, on the areas around my mouth, nose and forehead), I notice that this foundation cakes on my creases. It does not look good, really. Twice I used it? I have to wash my whole face and remove my makeup because of the foundation fails.

Also, I do not recommend it for those with oily skin as it leaves a dewy finish on skin that will turn like an oil slick for a few hours especially if you sweat a lot or having super oily t-zone. On the other hand, I see this as a foundation fit for those with dry and sensitive skin with a very light coverage.

This product has a whooping SPF 30 so I really understand the white cast. However, I have tried a few with high sun protection without yielding the same effect. I think I would stick with those. I am not giving up on this though and I am still looking forward to try the shade in No. 23 just to be sure. I'll update you til then! I like the Witch Pouch Color Corrector (review soon) so I could use the combination one day.

Happy halloween!

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