Saturday, December 10, 2016

Another Holy Grail Application for my Mobile Phone: Freenet

Hey, hey, hey! I could not make an acceptable introduction right now because I just wanted to tell exactly my recent discovery! Yes, yes, I just found a mobile application that is so useful (in my case)! This post is definitely not sponsored but to those who have TNT or Smart sim cards, here’s something for you! You won’t wanna miss this out!

Because we had problems with our internet connection for the past weeks, I kept on wishing that there should be an application that would allow me to be able to access my BPI account (mobile app) FOR FREE so I could load up my phone and register it on a surfing promo. Unfortunately, BPI requires internet. Deym. It’s either I borrow from TM a few MBs to spare to open up BPI but that would require me additional payment when I load up the next time. You know their “utang” offers right? Or I should go and find a store that loads mobile phones. It’s crazy but I don’t usually go out. That leaves me my BPI application which I usually use to get load while I stay-put.

Onto Freenet. Freenet is a mobile application that hypothetically caters to ‘data-less’ phones like mine when I don’t feel like reloading through providing free data access (without any hidden charges) to selected sites and applications. Feel free to check the screenshots out down below for the list. They have BPI and Paymaya (both can load up phones because they are prepaid cards).

Aside from these amazing perks, you can also load up and pay it later because of their ‘packages’ feature wherein you just need to click through the My Data > Data Usage > choose a package > follow the instruction. I tried the, uhm, I forgot the name of that package but it’s getting internet for the next 20 minutes for only P10.

To save on mobile data, you can turn on the App Management to allow or block apps to use mobile data. This is to ensure that your MBs are not unwantedly being taken away. To do it, click My data > App Management then you can already configure the settings.

They also claim to provide free social media access on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which unfortunately does not work even when I use my TNT number. Will update you guys should I experience something new or be able to surf free though!

Have you tried Freenet? Any thoughts? Happy blogging!

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