Thursday, December 22, 2016

Clean and Clear Deep Action Cleanser Review

Clean and Clear Deep Action Cleanser
Bought for: Less than P100 (I totally forgot! Sorry!)
Bought from: Savemore

Clean & Clear used to be my top to-try drugstore brand this year and I just can't let 2016 past without having to actually try this product myself especially after hearing a lot of positive feed backs from different bloggers out there. I already tried the other gel cleanser intended for acne prevention, now I'm into this. Since receiving some skin care stuff seem unstoppable this year, I was hindered from purchasing products over and over as I have more stuff to try out first and write reviews on. What really triggered my desire to get a hold of this is when a fellow IG blogger gushed about how this cleanser effectively control oil and ooh-la-la! Perfect timing, you say? I've been having a bad case of oiliness until I had this!

This product claims to clean deep down into pores, thoroughly removing dirt, oil and makeup. With the breakthrough Rice Extract Oil Absorbing System, it work better than before to control oil for up to 8 hours. Leaves skin feeling clean and fresh all day long.

I didn't know Rice Extract could effectively control oil. Had I known it earlier, I never should have sell my face pack infused with rice extract! Huhu. And yeah, it could really control oil for a longer period of time than when I use other brands of cleanser. With this, I no longer have to worry with extreme oiliness because it really can keep oil at bay for a maximum of 1-2 hours. During this period, my makeup is still as fresh as newly-applied, with only a hint of dewiness. I know it's just so short but I take this as an achievement already because I have super oily skin that is also characterized with large pores.

I like the packaging as it is housed in a travel-friendly tube that's quite so easy to use for dispensing product. It's also complete with labels and other additional information like ingredients, claims, directions, cautions and expiry date.

As you notice, the product has a pearly shade and has a thick consistency that foams richly. I used to hate foamy cleansers because they tend to break me out, making me prefer those with gel-like consistency, but nothing like this happened whenever I use Clean and Clear Deep Action Cleanser.

Using it everyday makes skin looking clearer, brighter and fresher. It really does its job to control oil, and make it less severe and make skin soft and smooth though I find it something that could strip off skin's moisture probably because of its mattifying formula. This is why, I always apply moisturizer afterwards. In terms of scent, I have no problem with its mildly-fragranced formula.

If you are to ask me what is the one cleanser that could really keep oil at bay, I highly recommend it if this is your main concern. But if you ask me if this control breakouts too, that I can't really vouch for, first, it is not intended to prevent zits from coming, second, it does not cure my freshly-popped pimples on my cheeks and jaw areas. Still, this is a product that's worth a try! It's affordable, effective and lasts a long time since you only needed a small amount every application!

Let me know girls if you have any queries or suggestions! Happy blogging!

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