Monday, December 5, 2016

Dear Althea, All I Want For Christmas Is...

I believe it is not too late to be back to being childish when Santa on Christmas was something I find real. Well, not that I think believing him now is preposterous, rather I believe that he could be just anyone else without the beard and the red suit, you know what I mean? Sometimes, he could be with pixies, fairies and reindeers too! Or maybe he’s just there in the form of Althea gifting us with unbelievable deals of K-beauty stuff. If you want to know more about Althea (shipping, prices, etc), please feel free to click here. ;)

Actually, before I spotted their on-going giveaway for bloggers and youtubers like me, I already had in mind the products I should get when I accumulate enough money for another K-beauty haul in Althea. In fact, I only had to peek through my cart for the stuff I’m putting in this wish list post. To give you an idea, they are mostly skin care products which I plan on using for my face with the aim to clear out zits that have been pestering me for the past few months.

You know, in less than four months, I am about to march at the PICC, wearing my toga with a cute outfit on and now I’m thinking that graduation does not really go well with a face covered with terrible cases of redness and uneven skin tone, much less acne and pimple breakouts. Who does want to look ugly on a special day? Uh-uh, not me. So in search and in a strong will of finding effective products (from a trusted Korean brand, Laneige) which might help me out with this problems, there came my Althea Wish List.

Laneige Multi Cleanser – P890

I used to fight my face filled with zits guerilla-style, trying out different products from different brands which might not good to be used in conjunction with the others. Now, I’m thinking the gentler, the better. One brand is more than enough.

Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner Light – P1100

Nowadays, I am becoming an avid user of toners especially those that provide an “extra” cleaning on the skin, knowing Laneige, I know it will do more than the cleaning but securing a healthy skin too that's properly hydrated and cleared.

Laneige Water Bank Essence - P1540

I have never tried an essence before and having heard it’s an essential to Korean skin care, I might want to include one on mine, right?

Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsion – P1100

I have no idea what an emulsion is until I get introduced to Althea. No, seriously, I thought emulsions are sounded like for-food use but Althea taught me it is a skin’s must-have.

Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel - P1200

I always neglect my eye area during my skin care routine and now at 20, I could already see lines on my bags which are mostly emphasized every time I laugh. Should I be threatened already?

Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream - P

I heard this gel cream is non-sticky and is light-wearing which I badly need for my skin that is super oily. I think I do not need more of those heavy moisturizing creams which just trigger the severity of my oil production, hence, breakouts.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask – P980

I always dreamed of waking up one day with that fresh and bright-looking skin while proudly exclaiming, “I wake up like this,” you know. Ugh, I wonder what Koreans do to make their skin that flawless. Huhu. Please let it be the answer!

Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer – P280

I have been forever hearing raves about how excellent this primer is. I have always wanted to try this one for myself so I included it on my wish list, the only product that is not from Laneige line.

I know these might be a lot but if I chanced upon winning even only a few, it would already be a big saving for me, yeah? I think you know by now how I dreamed of having a box filled with Laneige products? Right now, I am still in the lookout for other Korean beauty products and makeups that can be purchased in Althea for the most affordable prices. But you can’t blame me, of course, I know you love Althea too! We can’t get over with all the k-beauty stuff, they are just so hard to resist, don’t they?

There you have my Althea Wish list. Care to share yours? C'mon, you might want to win a box loaded with k-beauty stuff too! For more information, you can visit Althea on the following accounts down below.

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Disclaimer: All photos are from Althea Philippines.

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