Monday, December 5, 2016

December Wishlist: Random Stuff

Wohohoho! Christmas is really in the air, don’t you think? I have been meaning to post my December wish list as early as January (lol) but I know I have to wait eleven more months for the time when gift-giving are the grandest (lol again). Kidding. But seriously, I can’t really ask for more because I have more than enough. I have a healthy family, friends, I even had the best bf. I have been receiving countless blessings since day one. It’s like when you have Him in your heart, you can’t be so short in anything. But of course, I had to feed my ‘kakikayan’, if that’s a word, and I’m in need of some stuff right now where it concerns my business, my passion and my study. To name them, persevere reading this post until the end!

1. Tripod

I badly need a tripod right now mostly to use for our film production, thesis and who knows what other subjects may require the use of it.

2. External Hard drive

I have been loaded with movies in my old laptop which I happen to plan on transferring on my new one. However, I don’t like to consume all storage space with only movies so, yeah, that leads me to be in dire need of a hard drive to store films and other important files.

3. Midriff Camisoles/Tubes

I’m currently on the lookout for affordable but good quality midriff camis right now, particularly in shades black, white and nude or taupe, to wear under shirts especially I mostly have see-through, laces and white clothes.

4. Denim Pants and Shorts

If everyone’s growing larger in size, I’m here shrinking! Hey! This is why I’m in need of more denim pants and shorts in sizes XS or 23-24.

5. Makeup Brushes

I have always dreamed of having my own set of Luxxe, Zoeva, Sigma, Morphe or MAC makeup brushes but I can’t still afford them. Wait til I earn for myself. I’m catching ya’all!

6. Victoria’s Secret Perfumes

I always love their Amber Romance and I’ve tried a few other scents but I also want to try other variants. After I ran out of my Amber Romance, I would look for the Passion something variant.

7. EOS Lipbalm

I have been once disappointed with my recent purchase of EOS lip balms online. When they got on sale, I got so ecstatic and purchased two: Lemon and Summer Fruit. Only when I received them did I found out they were fake!

Aside from all these, of course I would love to receive makeups and skin care products too! Of course, they are always and forever. By the way, I know you’ve got a few stuff on your mind as well! I would love to know the top items on your own wish list. Thanks for reading! Happy blogging and see you on my next post!

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