Friday, December 30, 2016

Me Now Pro Artists Mechanical Lipstick in 002 and Long Lasting Lip Gloss in 33 Review

I am such a late bloomer for having to discuss two products from a brand that has been a hype months or probably years ago. Friends, acquaintances and even makeup enthusiasts are obsessing about this Chinese brand, Me Now, primarily because of its beautifully pigmented shades at a super affordable price. Received mine several months ago from an online shop on Instagram called MHJeanCosmetics for which I am really thankful for.

The shade of the Me Now Pro Artists Mechanical Lipstick that MHJeanCosmetics sent me is in 002, a fuchsia pink in tone with shimmers on it. If I am not mistaken, it retails for a little above or under a hundred bucks and has more than ten beautiful shades to choose from--nudes to bold shades. It claims to protect lips with nourishing herbs and plant waxes and gives lips a soft, silky shine. True to its claim, indeed.

This lipstick comes in an expensive-looking retractable packaging with a transparent plastic cap, nowhere near a hundred bucks. It actually looks like a jumbo crayon for me lol as how the product is shaped. 

For your own reference, I provided a swatch above. As you can see, it has a sheer finish with a high moisture content that could be easily wiped off with a damp cloth or tissue, thus, reapplication is necessary. Pigmentation is a turn-off as well. Like most lip products, this, although claims to nourish the lips, tends to dry kissers so you might want to put balms underneath.

Me Now Long Lasting Lip Gloss has 34 shades (if I am not mistaken) which you can choose from. I was given the shade in 33 which is a beautiful shade for me as it looks so elegant and sophisticated when worn although not something I could wear on typical days. The packaging reminds me of vials like in Harry Potter (Sorry, I had to watch all eight movies all over again this vacation lol), although in plastics. The twist-able cap, which contains the doe-foot applicator, locks tight too so no need to worry about product spills or leaks and such.

Amazingly, one lip gloss retails a little above or under a hundred bucks but on some online market places like Ebay, this could go for as low as P30 (depends on shades). The cover displays the manufacturing and expiry dates. Amazingly, one product could lasts 6 years! Oh-la-la, I wonder how many chemicals are in there.

The shade in 33 looks like brick red for me--a combination of brown and bloody red which I actually wore during our advertising proposal! Lol. If you may ask, my friends loved the shade too and so they applied this on their lips as well! Much like goals. Hahah! However, I wasn't able to let it sit on my lips longer than 2 hours because I felt my lips gone warm and itchy. This is because I have very sensitive lips and most lipsticks can't really survive. I find it funny that it's branded as a lip gloss yet it dries to a matte finish in seconds upon application! It's flat and not a hint of moisture on it though it's easily blendable. It's not long-wearing too and tends to cake on the lips.

If you are looking for pigmented and affordable lip products, I highly recommend Me Now Lip Makeups. They have a great selection of shades and won't break the bank. I like the Long Lasting Lip Gloss better than their Pro Artists Mechanical Lipsticks if you may ask, however, I don't think I would repurchase as the formulation's really not my type.

What about you? Have you tried Me Now products? They have face makeups too which are affordable and bestselling! I think I'll get some soon! Happy blogging!

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