Friday, December 23, 2016

Nella Fantasia Honey One Snail Ultra Moisture Cream Review

Nella Fantasia Honey One Snail Ultra Moisture Cream, 100g
Bought for: (P1050) P440
Bought from: Athea Philippines

Claims: A combination of Honey and Snail Secretion that rewinds skin age. Honey One Snail Ultra Moisture Cream is a nourishing cream that contains Snail Secretion for high hydration and moisturization. It hydrates dry, scaly faces and helps anti-wrinkling. With Aloe Leaf Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter to prevent dryness; Cacao Extract, Portulaca Extract and Nano Adenosine to promote elasticity and is anti-wrinkling; Chondroitin Effect and Mucin that are anti-aging; Bacillus Ferment Extract to provide nourishment; and Honey know to improve dullness.

I have always been curious about products which are Snail-infused as they are currently a hype in Korean skin care. Knowing and admiring their skin which looks so flawless, no beauty junkie will ever say no to a product that could aid achieve the same skin texture, yeah? This leads me to try Nella Fantasia Honey One Snail Ultra Moisture Cream, one of Althea's bestseller.

I guess we must all need to familiarize ourselves with what Snail Secretion can do to our skin. According to Althea Korea, Snail Secretion contains a protein substance called 'Mucin' which helps snails maintain their stickiness and hydration by releasing this from their bodies. It also helps them prevent losing moisture, restores their broken shells rapidly, recovers cut or infected skin, provides liveliness and shine to dull faces and restore skin to its original state. To be honest, I find it hard to believe that what Snail can do to its body can also be done to human skin. Isn't that preposterous?

Ingredients and more information about Nella Fantasia Honey One Snail Ultra Moisture Cream

The product comes in a bulky plastic jar with an inner lid to ensure product freshness. Actually, I find the whole design so adorable, however, the size's not really travel-friendly as I need to transfer the cream on smaller jars during overnights. Also, it does not have a mini spatula inside so finger dipping is the only way for you to get the cream unless, of course, if you are resourceful enough to get cotton buds, etc. Really, this is so not hygienic.

I also like that there's available information translated in English for those who cannot read Korean like me. Manufacturing date is printed on the bottom part of the tub. Once opened, Korean products are expected to stay good for only a year and three years from its manufacturing date if still sealed.

The cream itself has a thick white jelly-like consistency. The texture is also very innovative indeed. Unlike other creams, this one is bouncy in consistency as well. It smells mild too and please don't ask me how it's scented because I'm really bad at describing scents lol.

I actually like a lot of things about it aside from its scent. The cream is easy to blend on the skin. In fact, even when the cream is thick, when blended, it turns ultralight and gets absorbed easily by the skin. This product is really moisturizing and hydrating but I do not think I needed heavy-duty moisturizer provided that I have super oily skin. Prolly it's made to make skin dewy but when applied on my skin, heck, it just looks like an oil slick. On the other hand, those with dry skin can feast with it to hinder premature aging and wrinkling of the skin.

I also like how this cream effectively brighten my complexion when I wake up probably because of its capability to restore skin's original state. That is why I apply a generous amount on my face during bedtime. In the morning, I only apply a small amount to allow BB Creams or Foundations to glide and blend effortlessly on my skin. Using it for months did not break me out nor irritated my skin even once. And due to its high moisture factor, I like applying it on the driest parts of my skin particularly on my hands and feet.

With the whooping 100ml of product per jar, I would pretty much say it's affordable as it could last more than a couple of months (still depends on application). Overall, I would say this is such a steal and I'm willing to repurchase and recommend this most especially to those with dry skin. If you are into those products that can lighten scars, heal pimples or prevent zits, you can also try this but you have to religiously use it for weeks before you notice significant effects. Wonders do not happen overnight. ;)

Have you tried Nella Fantasia Honey One Snail Ultra Moisture Cream? What do you say? Happy blogging and Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the holiday!

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