Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pond's Acne Clear Anti-Acne Leave-on Expert Clearing Gel Review

Pond's Acne Clear Anti-Acne Leave-on Expert Clearing Gel
Bought for: 100pts | Original Price: P170+
Bought from: Sample Room

Yeehoo! Another thrifted item I got! Well, not literally thrifted, just the amount I paid since Sample Room always allow us to purchase products from their sites for free though you have to pay a small amount for the shipping fee.

Anyway, I finally got Pond's Acne Clear Anti-Acne Leave-on Expert Clearing Gel, something I have been eyeing since I saw it from a printed advertisement. I believe this is one of the recent breakthroughs of Pond's, isn't it? If you know me well, then you know how my skin got worse before when I tried Pond's products. I know I can't seem to learn but I really wanted to give it a shot as it claim to remove pimples for as fast as three days. Swear, if you have terrible pimple breakout like me, you couldn't be more desperate. And, what else to lose, right?

The product is stored in a matte plastic tube which is so plain like that. Before you throw the box, read all information first as you will see none in the actual tube. I honestly appreciate how it looks simple yet clinical. I always can't accept info-less packaging but this could be an exemption. It also has a pointed nozzle to dispense proper amount of product without exposing the lot, preventing unlikely particles from entering the container.

The product has a gel-like consistency, very similar to spot treatments. However, I like using it on the wholeness of my face as it claims to prevent future breakouts and I tend to get zits anywhere on my face, sucks right?

I would like to be very particular with the scent of this product. It is strongly-scented which I hate big time because I tend to break out more if my skin is fed up with too much fragrance. I do not really experience any irritation or tingling sensation but it triggers rashes on my face--small spots which are unnoticeable until you really touch it. Sadly, I had the same experience with Pond's Acne Clear Anti-Acne Leave-on Expert Clearing Gel.

This product claims to have "Unique Lock & Clear Technology targets acne at the root and help protect skin from future break-outs. Clinically proven to reduce acne when used daily with the facial foam."

I wonder if this really should be used together with the facial foam to ensure maximum benefits. Yet, I had terrible cases with Pond's facial foams before so I can't really agree with that idea. I still like products that can stand alone, you know.

For those who are particular about a product's ingredients (like me!), I took a photo for you. I was glad spotting the Glycerin and Salicylic Acid on it because I have good experience with it. They, in fact, helped me get rid of my pimples before without drying my skin. Unfortunately, the good effects were halted when I ran out of that soap with glycerin and salicylic acid on it. I did not plan to repurchase ahead of time and so I somewhat lose the 'hiyang' factor.

I wouldn't really recommend Pond's Acne Clear Anti-Acne Leave-on Expert Clearing Gel to you, guys, but I heard a lot of nice feed backs from loyal Pond's consumers. It is just so very unfortunate of me that Pond's does not suit my skin type and I guess, it will be forever be on the list of my epic fails in terms of my beauty routine. Though it claims to cure and prevent pimples, it just does not work for me. With this, I would not be definitely repurchasing and continue to be more skeptical when using Pond's products.

However, I would like to highlight that what does not work for me will not also work on you. Always remember that we all have different skin types which reacts differently to different products. But if you like spot treatments that can also be a lightweight moisturizer, this product can be for you. It dries to a lightweight finish, none of those sticky, greasy residues.

So I just shared my thoughts about Pond's Acne Clear Anti-Acne Leave-on Expert Clearing Gel. Have you tried it? C'mon and share yours too! Let's talk in the comment box below! Happy blogging!

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