Saturday, December 24, 2016

Product Empties from November-December 2016

Happy holidays, everyone! How's your day? Mine's a little typical, you know, with all the cooking and house cleaning and stuff because mom's on a day off and she always exclaims never to keep the house in mess when visitors are most likely to come lol. Really, I wanted to go out, unwind and shop for late Christmas giveaways but house chores's keeping me from doing it. I cooked some sliced gelatin mixed condensed milk, well not as if it requires the several process of cooking, one thing I learned from my recent overnight with the squad. Heck, love it so much!

Anyway, let me share to you my product empties for this month.

1. Oil of Life Huile de Vie Moisturizing Body Wash

Instead of lathering this on my body, I like using it as a hand wash because this does not dry out my skin but it effectively cleanses and removes dirt from it.

2. Carrot Health Soap

This soap lathers richly, non-drying, makes skin soft, smooth, bright and glowing and is so affordable! It is best use by people who are prone to acne and pimple breakouts and those who wants to brighten dull skin. Review here.

3. Eskinol Pimple Fighting Facial Deep Cleanser

So far, this is the best toner and cleanser that could perform heavy duties of cleansing the skin deep down. Even with the alcohol on it, this does not dry out my skin but makes it matte enough to be a good canvas for makeup. Review here.

4. Etude House Dear Darling Tint

What I like most about it is its pigmentation. However, I tried longer lasting tints so I wasn't really impressed with its staying power. Like other tints, this dries out my lips. Review here.

5. Clean & Clear Active Clear Acne Marks Cleanser

This cleanser suds gently and is non-drying. It doesn't have any foul fragrance too. However, it does not really control breakouts nor heal them. It still is worth trying out because it is affordable and is widely available. Review here.

Glad to have some empties this month even though I was too busy to even take care of my skin properly huhu. Anyway, have a fun-filled Christmas everyone!

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