Friday, December 16, 2016

Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Effect Foundation Review

Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Effect Foundation
Bought for: P650
Bought from: Shopee

Hi, everyone! Here's a review that's long been overdue. Yeah, it's almost about Christmas break but I have to work my ass off more because our final thesis defense is happening so soon. Bahh, I want to get over it now but I can't survive without the challenge, am I? That setting aside, allow me to blab my mini thoughts about a drugstore foundation a lot of makeup enthusiasts know about, Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Effect Foundation.

Like most foundations, Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Effect Foundation comes with a fragile glass container and a hard plastic cap. I don't know with most Revlon caps, but mine's already loose upon purchase. As a result, the cap tends to vanish into my makeup kit. Sad. I can't impute it to the seller because it might got damaged on the shipping process. Thankfully, the pump still works though it also tends to twist and turn when used.

If you are wondering, I got the shade in Shell which is also the third lightest shade among the shade selection. I am not really familiar if it also caters to tanned skin gals but given that Shell is a tad darker than my skin tone, I assume that there are. I was, in fact, kind of surprise when Shell is darker than my skin tone because I do not really have a super light complexion. Still, I commend it for formulating shades that suit Asian skin.

This foundation claim to deliver an airbrush effect and I do expect it to have a lightweight finish and even coverage. As early as now, let me tell you that I do not fully agree with it. Was it my applicator? Because I just use my fingertips to even out the cream on my face. I do not really use sponge or brush, I just don't feel like it.

If you look closely on the bottle, you will catch specs of glitters mixed with the formula. I guess this is supposed to create the 'airbrush' effect? I like it with all these brightening pigments, still, I cannot say I'm getting that good 'airbrush' makeup look.

The pump has that small opening which I prefer as the foundation itself has a runny consistency and gives a lightweight feel on skin. It smells a little bit off for me but as I usually say, I am not that really particular with the product's scent as long as it's not unbearably awful.

I really thought that the product perfectly matches my skin when I looked for online swatches but I was disappointed to get a strong peach undertone which somehow looks a bit off for my complexion (as seen on the swatch above). No worries as I could use a lighter shade of powder foundations to even out the color.

To be honest, I do not find this foundation a holy grail with a very nice coverage but I still like it because it dries to semi-matte without the sticky feel (perfect for my oily skin!). It only offers a sheer coverage so if you want a more natural daytime makeup look, you could  at least try it yourself. The formula is blendable but tends to cake on areas around my face which usually sweat a lot--t-zone and undereyes. It also oxidizes on my skin!!! Guess I would need to try a lighter shade the next time.

I don't really regret buying this foundation because it doesn't really did a very poor performance but I am thinking that maybe if I got a lighter shade, I would get what I want for a foundation--looks natural, evens out skin tone, does not create white cast and does not break me out.

It is not as if it is as affordable as other drugstore foundations but I would still recommend it for those with oily skin. I swear it is oily skin-friendly, if that's a word. Lol. And did I mention the SPF20?

Have you tried this foundation? Any thoughts?

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