Thursday, December 22, 2016

Sooper Beaute Castor Oil Review

Sooper Beaute Castor Oil Review
Bought for: P200+
Bought from: Sooper Beaute

So I found out I'm growing my leftover draft posts and found this product waiting for me to write a review on. I already had this months ago but it's only now did I had the chance to share my thoughts about it. In fact, I bought it from Sooper Beaute's SM Manila Branch which was now closed. That long. I have nothing much to say about it though since I have tried a few Castor Oils from different Instagram shops and they're pretty much the same.

They say that Castor Oils has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties and is high in Vitamin E, minerals, proteins, and Omega 6 and 9 beneficial fatty acids. Its unusually high ricinoleic acid ratio makes it beneficial to skin and hair. It helps hair grow out strong and fast. I do not have extreme sparse eye lashes but I still want it to look fuller and thicker prolly what pushed me to take a chance on it.

The packaging looks really chic and the dropper makes dispensing product so much easy. A bottle has only 15ml of oil inside but due to its viscosity, a little shall go a long way already, I doubt it will be emptied so soon. Unlike other oils, Castor Oil has thick consistency which I do not really like to apply on my skin as it would turn greasy and sticky, let alone in my hair. I wouldn't follow it even if it claims to be beneficial to the skin. I do not prefer putting it to my hair as I do not want to end up with greasy mane. No way. Turns out that I only use this every bed time for my lashes and eye brows to help my hair grow out. Finishing bottles of Castor Oil made no much difference to be honest or maybe I still have to consume more bottles, use them religiously to really achieve a significant effect.

On the other hand, its deep moisturizing properties is really good for those with extreme dry skin whether on the eye, face or body area as its mild, gentle and non-irritating since it is an organic and natural product of Sooper Beaute. In fact, I like using it on my hands and feet where my driest skin is at. What I usually do is mix an ample amount or a drop on the lotion and voila. Moreover, I do not have a problem with the scent. It smells nutty, but okay.

If you wanted to grow out your lashes, you really have to be so patient and probably use Castor Oil along with other tested ingredients that will help make your lashes full and thick! Still, we react differently to products so maybe it will work better on you. Let me know if you already tried this traditional way of lengthening hair strands and if it works, okay? Happy blogging! 

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