Sunday, January 15, 2017

Beauty Fix Peel Off Mask (Whitening and Pore Minimizer) Review

Beauty Fix Peel-Off Mask Whitening and Pore Minimizer
Bought from: Watsons, SM Manila
Bought for: P20 something

I know it's quite not right to give rave reviews about a product that you haven't used for a long time much less if you haven't tried a plethora of peel-off masks. But I think products that need not to be maintained to achieve a significant effect can be an exception. In this case, I instantly fell in love with Beauty Fix Peel-off Mask because even though it's my first time to try it, I already witnessed a tremendous effect on my skin.

This Beauty Fix Peel-off Mask very much reminds me of iWhite's in terms of consistency, texture and color--creamy white, glue-like consistency like Elmer's which dries in a matter of more or less 15 minutes, still depends on temperature and amount you put on.

One sachet has 10g of products inside which I think could be used twice but I rather slather all into my face because I do not have more time in the world than I did last Friday (Fortunately, I got no school work to do!) Prolly, the next time I think of pampering myself with another peeling session, the formula's dried already.

Claims, Ingredients, Directions for use, Manufacturing and Expiry Dates

The products comes in a sachet so if you're not willing to use everything in one session, store it upright to avoid spillage. By the way, you may want to purchase the one in tubes (full size) so you can use it anytime, anywhere you want!

This product is so easy to use but messy so keep your patience intact please lol. What you are advised to do is cleanse your face first and and apply a generous amount of Beauty Fix Peel-off mask. I advise that you take the direction seriously especially the one saying to avoid parts with hair. I'm hairy all over so it's such a pain. For real. While your mask is still drying, do what you need to do. Let the minty effect refresh you and your tired skin!

As I was saying, peeling the dried mask is so painful especially for those with hairy faces like me (huhu)! I even ended up removing excess hair from the area around my mouth, outer cheeks and forehead! Tiis-ganda ang peg talaga. It's either shave your face first or face the risk.

Actually, the reason I tried peel-off mask is because I had tiny bumps on cheek area. It's not like I can maintain weekly or even monthly facial so I had to resort to peel-off masks that can also remove dirt from clogged pores and other unfathomable things on your face lol. I haven't had hopes with this but the results are good enough for a rave review.

Can you spot the difference between my pre and post peeling sesh? I had to tell you that I haven't use any filters for these photos. Look how firm, smooth, soft with less obvious pores my skin became. It's not as if my pores were gone but BeautyFix Peel-off mask gave it a more subtle appearance. My skin looks more glowing and brighter too! The bumps lessened! I just had to apologize for having acne /pimple marks which I haven't gotten rid off even after all these years. See, I do not have perfect skin. It's not even close to. I'm quite ashamed to post my bare photos especially up close but I have to. Beautyfix deserves justice. Kudos to the creator! Love it!

Now, I'm thinking of repurchasing. I also recommend it to those who wants to achieve an instant bright, firm, soft and smooth skin in in less than 30 minutes! However, if you have mild to zero pain tolerance, forget about it. For now, cheers to my recent skin care buddy! You deserve a special place in my stash.

Have you tried it? Share your thoughts down below! Happy blogging!

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