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RMK Whitening Deodorant Review

***This post was updated on March 07, 2018.***

RMK Whitening Deodorant, 100ml
Bought for: P250 | Original Price: P320
Bought from: an online shop

Claims: Be amazed in just 1 week. Best for excessive sweating, body odor, dark pits chicken skin, underarm lines and likes. Safe for teenagers, lactating and nursing moms. Proven safe and effective.

Ingredients: Calamansi Extract, Licorice Extract, Vitamin C and 3% Aluminum Chloride

Uneven underarms, chicken skin and body odor could be every girl's main underarm concern. I can feel you. These are probably what triggers this search-for-effective-underarm-deodorant operation I have been doing for years. Yes. Years.

Now, I could say I have found a silver amongst stainless jewels! I had to make sure that before I jump into the trendy, I know that it's going to be effective. So girls, please consider other people's review first to lessen disappointments. What a terrible feeling that is.

The product comes in typical spray bottles but I prefer these type because they are tight and the liquid that comes out looks fine and spread out. You can easily spray it directly on your pits and just let it dry for few seconds or if you have time to spare, use a cotton pad/ball and you'll see that this product does not only deodorize but remove excess dirt from your pits too! The bottle is transparent enough for you to get a good look on what's inside. It also displays the claims, ingredients, manufacturing and expiry dates on the bottle.

There are two variations that you should know when purchasing an RMK Whitening Deodorant. It comes either in a regular bottle with a twist cap or a pump. The latter is pricier and I guess it is because you're also paying for convenience. You can also choose either from the 60ml (if you are just about testing out)or 120ml bottle which is what I got because I get to save a few more bucks. If you are already accustomed to it, you can buy the bigger bottles with 250ml inside (again it comes in either a twist cap and pump) or you can purchase the huge bottles with 500ml or 1000ml of product inside.

The product does not smell so overpowering though it smells like it has a little alcohol on it. Or probably it's only the aluminum chloride.

There's so many things I like about it. First, the product dispenses easily. It also dries fast without leaving your underarm sticky or greasy. For short, no need to fan your skin or stay in front of an air conditioner and wait a little longer for it to dry. It also feels so smooth and soft once dried! However, this deodorant leaves skin looking dry. Sometimes, the product itself tends to build up and create a patchy/flaky texture. It will be gone after a few minutes though or once the skin perspires a bit. It also is able to control excessive sweating and prevent odor like magic!

Unlike other commercial deodorants, this one does not cause yellowing on our favorite shirts and does not create a foul odor. It's just awesome on its own! Using it overtime will help you get rid of chicken skin and makes the skin there appear brighter. It may be a little pricey compared to other deodorants, but come to think of it, a single pump on the underarm is more than enough already and since it has 120ml of product inside, it definitely will last you months! I had it for like 3 months--making it a really good value for money.

All claims are true! I haven't consumed all of the products yet but I could say that it's one promising product. I have consumed all products and I can say that it's definitely a promising product. All the rave reviews are true, all the positive feed backs are well-deserved. I love it, I would definitely repurchase and I recommend it to those who wants to achieve softer, smoother and brighter underarm skin!


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