Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Silk Secrets Aloe Vera and Powdered Oil Control Sheets Review

Silk Secrets Aloe Vera Oil Control Sheets
Bought for: P30+
Bought from: Watsons, SM Manila

Ever since I got familiar to the use of blotting papers, I just could not let myself ran out of it anymore given my super duper oily skin. Unfortunately, oily on ALL parts and areas. And since I could not find any products to significantly reduce my severe oil production, I tend to rely on affordable yet potent products that could help me get over with this unceasing knot every day. And because I am too sincere in finding the best control sheets there is in the beauty market, here's two from a drugstore brand named Watson. Won't talk about them anymore, oh come on, everyone knows what Watson's in-store to everyone.

Silk Secrets Aloe Vera Oil Control Sheets aims to removes oil and dirt from skin, keeps face shine-free with its soft and gentle formula and its handiness. It comes in mint-colored thin absorbent papers that are really soft and gentle. Unfortunately, the sheets are averagely thin and could tear up easily once oil is absorbed so try to pat with a light hand. Moreover, it does not absorb too much oil from my face so another sheet is necessary to somehow reduce the shine on the skin.

I prefer the type of packaging which allows consumers to take one sheet at a time rather than how Silk Secrets Oil Control Sheets are packaged as I tend to "over-pull" sheets and end up wasting them because I can't easily return them back.

Silk Secrets Powdered Blotting Paper
Bought for: P60+
Bought from: Watsons, SM Manila

In all honesty, I like the Powdered Blotting Paper better than the Aloe Vera variant. No wonder it is pricier because it is more functional with the accompanied fine powder pigments so you sort of absorb oil while instantly imparting a fresher complexion, saving a little extra effort. However, I am not much a fan of its scent because it smells like typical pressed powders infused with chemicals, if you get what I mean.

The Powdered Blotting Paper has thicker sheets prolly because of the powder but it is still not tear-proof even with light hands. Still, I would love to recommend this because it really removes oil from the skin making it look fresh and shine-free. The best part? Each are super affordable given the large amount of sheets inside so I still think it's worth a try.

Poke me once you decided to purchase one for yourself, will you? Happy blogging!


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