Friday, February 24, 2017

February Makeup Haul!

Right now, I'm still in cloud nine. Can't believe my thesis mates and I had our paper (applied thesis) and output (video documentary) approved by the panelist. That was what pretty much made me so busy for the past few weeks. Now, I'm sure I'm a graduating student, finally! And because I want to reward myself (for all my efforts prior to thesis defense), I purchased some makeups for me to play with! I'm also giving you hints what will be on my next review posts! I'll be including the place/shop where I bought them including the retail price and how much I paid for them.

Ready 2 White Milky White (SRP: P499)
Geisha Moteru Gel Liner Pot (SRP: P249)
Bought for: Free
Bought from: Sampleroom

BH Cosmetics 66 Lip Gloss Palette
Bought for: (P750) P490
Bought from: an online shop

I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette
Bought for: (P850) P568
Bought from: an online shop

Belo SunExpert SPF 40 PA+++ for Face, (SPR: P349)
Belo SunExpert Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen, (SRP:449)
Bought for: Free
Bought from: Sample Room

Maybelline Great Lash Big Mascara
Maybelline Great Lash Curved Mascara
Bought for: (P349/ea) P150/ea
Bought from: an online shop

Milani Mineral Loose Makeup ((P169)
Rimmel London Stay Matte (P300)
Bought from: an online shop

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Radiant Firming Makeup (P250)
Superstay Better Skin Foundation (P500)
Loreal True Match Foundation (P400)
Loreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation (P480)
Elf Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 (P200) (P100)
Bought from: an online shop

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (from a value pack of 4)
Bought for: P899
Bought from: an online shop

Tint My Brows Gel (P100)
Rimmel London Brow This Way (P250)
Bought from: a friend (tint my brows) an online shop (Rimmel)

And those are the stuff I bought this February. Actually, I am expecting more to come hoho! Maybe I'll just include them in my next haul post! Have a great day ahead! Happy blogging!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Lipz Diva Creamy Matte Lipsticks in Roar, Naughty Girl and Toxic

Lipz Diva Creamy Matte Lipsticks
Bought for: Free | Original Price: P150/each
From: Lipz Diva

I am not really a lipstick person. I mean, I do not wear lipsticks every day just because...I don't have to. I'm fine with lip balms or lip tints because for me, they are more comfortable to wear. But if you really ask me the core reason why, it's because my lips are too sensitive to lip products so that's the least among my favorites and I always have to be careful what I put on. Some times I wonder, will I ever find that perfect lipstick? Something that is rich, non-drying and most especially, non-darkening.

Because I am talking about lip products, let me share to you a recent favorite which Lipz Diva sent me weeks ago, Lipz Diva Creamy Matte Lipsticks. Just to give you a glimpse of Lipz Diva, they are a local online manufacturer/seller of creamy matte lippies that are cruel-free, safe, affordable and Vitamin E-infused.

You probably have heard of famous creamy mattes, among the drugstore brands are NYX and Maybelline. And you sure know that they have been receiving a lot of compliments since time immemorial. I just want to tell you how I admire Lipz Diva's Lipsticks all the same!

What does the packaging remind you? NYX! For its value, you wouldn't think it's for P150 only! I like its sleek container with black and white theme. Just like typical lipsticks, it has a retractable base.

The lipstick itself smells sweet which I really like. Pigmentation is not a problem as well. The swatches provided are only swiped once and look how beautiful the color payoffs were! Amazinggg! I do not really give rave reviews to lippies but I really do love these! Longevity-wise, these are such winners! Stains are intact the whole day with eating and drinking! These lippies were really pigmented and give beautiful stains afterwards.

What I have here are the ones in shades Naughty Girl, which looks bright red for me, Toxic, a beautiful blood red shade, and Roar, a deep plum shade lipstick.

One of its downsides though is that they can still feel drying on the lips so what I do is apply lip balm underneath before giving a coat of this lipstick to be able to blend the shade nicely. With this said, blending could be some times a little challenging because it is a matte lipstick and it tends to cling on dry patches of the lips (I have super dry and chapped lips).

Overall, I highly recommend these lipsticks to anyone especially to beginners who wanted to play with high-quality yet affordable makeup. If you love bold colors, you will love the shade selection of Lipz Diva. I think there's only a couple of light-colored lippies in their collection which I will put down below. I plan on getting the Heartbreaker (a daily color for me), Bad Blood and Speechless because they are beautiful too.

Let me know in the comment box how you think of these lippies! I'd love to talk about it with you! Happy blogging!

January-February Product Empties

How's your day? Mine's a little stressful because of loads of stuff. Anyway, to keep you updated with my skin care and makeup shenanigans, here are my product empties for the months of January-February!

1. Jergens Shea Butter Lotion

What I love most about it is the scent! Smells like cherries! Also, it is so effective in moisturising dry skin and keeps it heathy-looking all day.

2. Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner

This duo smells so nice for me, especially the conditioner which is Eucalyptus-infused. These products did not dry my hair out. However, they did cause me to have dandruffs overtime so I had to get back to my previous hair care products.

3. Skin White Advanced Whitening Lotion

This is actually my second bottle and I love how moisturizing and brightening this is! Smells nice too.

4. Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder

This has a very small amount of powder inside but it lasts me months. It has ultra-fine pigments which helps control shine for a good 4 hours (believe me, it's already an achievement!).

5. Argan Oil Makeup Remover

This makeup remover is probably one of the cheapest cleansing wipes in the market. However, I still need to tug my skin before it wipes everything on my face. Still, I would repurchase for it's only P99 for 30 cleansing wipes.

6. Celeteque Dermo Science Acne Solutions Acne Corrector Gel

I have no idea if I already included it in my previous product empties but yeah, a little of it goes a long way already. However, you have to be patient with this because healing of acnes/pimples takes time.

7. Penshoppe Pocket Scents in Mia

This has a strong fruity/citrusy scent but I like it because it's long-lasting and affordable.

8. Opulence Ultra white Protect Skin Clarifying Soap

This soap is tinted pink (so cute), smells nice, lathers richly, isnΓ½ drying, affordable, does not melt easily and did not cause me to breakout.

9. EB Naturals White Hand and Body Lotion

I am not really a fan of EB Naturals Lotions because they aren't really moisturizing. I'm oily in the face but dry in the body. So it's actually my mom who consumed everything.

10. Etude House Dear Girls Lip Balm

This has a slight sticky formulation, smells okay and keeps lips moisturized for hours. If you don't like the heavy feeling of lip balms though, this might not be for you.

11. Pure Skin Rituals Snow Flake Brightening and Moisturizing Soap

This soap does not melt easily, smells nice, non-drying, brightening, affordable and does not break me out as well.

So...those are the products I emptied the previous months! Looking forward for more! Happy blogging!

Friday, February 17, 2017

3W Clinic Professional Natural Makeup Powder

3W Clinic Professional Natural Makeup Powder, #21
Bought for: P125 | Original Price: P250
Bought from: an online seller

I have been eyeing a Korean powder for a long time and when I stumbled upon it on Shopee at half of its retail price, I just lost my mind and purchased it then and there. This loose setting powder is formerly known as DODO Palgantong Powder. It also claims to be the best setting powder in Korea, Japan, etc. The reason why I was so decisive I'll buy it is because a lot of makeup enthusiasts love it. I was supposed to get the shade #23 or Natural Beige, but it ran out of stock and the seller sent me the one in shade #21 or Light Beige. I can't just get furious because she was so nice and maybe to compensate for the wrong item, she sent me a freebie.

Now, let's see if I have the same positive feedback towards it.

First, I kind of hate the packaging as it is so bulky so it's not really travel-friendly. The sticker does not make it look better too. Is it just me? I do not find the color combination of red and yellow much striking too.

I actually can't read what's written on the box but I included it here if in case you know Korean. :)

With bigger container comes bigger puff, say you? Actually, I am having a love-hate relationship with the puff. I don't like it because it's too wide and big so I find it hard to maneuver all around my face especially on hard to reach areas. However, the puff is soft that I would like it only if it's smaller. I like the puff that comes with Innisfree Mineral Sebum Powder, by the way.

The loose powder has a subtle scent to it which I like. Since the shade that I got is #21, I already expect it to be a little light for my skin tone which is both light and warm. The ultra-fine pigments also appear pinkish on my skin so I set it with a facial mist. However, the finely-milled powder are so soft and so easy to blend. For short, I so like the texture of the powder.

Another thing I find off about this powder is how it makes your base looks powdery and cakey, thus setting everything with a facial mist is highly advisable unless you really want your face to look flat matte. Also, it does not control oil for a long time and it only takes my oily skin an hour to two before blotting papers or retouching are needed.

The best thing about this powder is that it is super lightweight on skin. I can also apply it if I do not want to have the feeling like I have foundation on or that if I only want to look fresh. Whenever I have this on, I do not feel sticky or anything. However, even with the shade selection, these powders does not provide coverage at all. It also does not have SPF on it so layering a sunblock under is necessary.

Notice that the filters have sticker on to prevent spillage. However, once it's already been removed, take good care of it so it won't spill sideways or come out of the screen. By the way, this loose setting powder has natural ingredients to it so it does not clog pores or cause any adverse reactions.

Overall, I am not really that impressed with this product's formulation. I do not hate it but I don't love it either. My Innisfree Mineral No-Sebum Powder and Zale Beauty Powders are still better. Also, I do not find myself reaching out for this everytime my face turns oily. I don't know why I am not giving rave reviews just like other people but yeah. I might try incorporating this powder again in my makeup routine just to be sure. Will let you know the updates though.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of 3W Clinic Professional Natural Makeup Powder in the comments section below! Happy blogging!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

I Still Can't Move On

To be honest, I wouldn't happen to be reading Mr. Matthew James D. Derramas' article How To Move On, if it wasn't for its brilliant rubric. I remember back from day one in one of my journalism classes that a headline is as vital as its body, otherwise, you are letting a sale pass. This could possibly root from the assumption that people are so impatient nowadays. They wanted the best before going through the details.

How To Move On is an article reminiscing about the past, particularly during the Marcos Regime, closer, to Martial Law. Hopeless romantics out there may expect a different content, but no, it talks about Marcos. It discusses the democracy and how almost everyone back in the '70s wanted to have a taste of freedom they had been deprived of. More so, the author himself clearly displays how he abhors both the dictator and the process of dictatorship in the country for the loss lives and practice of injustice. He says that those who favors heroism cannot and will not move on especially after the late president was rested in the gravesite of heroes--something they find hard to move on to, not unless someone would take action and put Marcos' corpse somewhere he belongs.

Through the article, Mr. Derramas who is known as a political enthusiast, brings forth all millennials and make it sound like youth, who were never born that period all wanted the same thing--democracy--something that they already have. I don't intend to disrespect other people, especially those who does not belong in the age bracket or who does not believe and pay attention to the turmoil created by Martial Law.

You may say that you can't seem to understand why our voices are even sounder than the ones, like you, who knows 1970 better. But news enlightened us. Journals too. Social media, on the other hand, gave us the capability to speak out our minds effortlessly. I totally agree with the author himself when he said, "We choose to speak out and be heard, not because we know better, but because we know the truth."

We cannot just forge the past and move one, after all, it's our people who have been done wrong. We cannot just keep silent and let the government destroy again what was brought back during Corazon Aquino's administration. It's not the right time to prevail cowardice and idiocy when modernization makes humanity so smart. Just think about all the lost lives back then and ask yourselves, "Have you moved on?"

Friday, February 3, 2017

What I Think of Friendship in Social Media

So, I actually had my fair share of posting photos or videos on my social media accounts just to, you know, update people that I still exist. Because it seems that in the urban world, everyone has a social medium and if you have none, then your crazy, your stupid.

You could also have your fair share of embarrassing social media moments where you probably shared your foolish thoughts about something or posted a photo where you do not look quite good and then everyone started to bash you, to criticize you like they are all beautiful people, like they are all intelligent people. Sometimes, I think if you do those things, maybe no one cares since we’re all focused on our own thing.

Other times, I think it hurts too because we personally care since having misunderstanding is super easy when you do not see each other. Like, for example, you saw photos of your high school friends getting together and you’re like, “Holy sh*t, why was I not invited?”

I didn’t mean to sound like friendship does not exist on social media because you have a mixture of more than a thousand real and fake friends. It’s actually effortless. Even the craziest person can know you. Even the one person you swore not to talk to or the person you can’t have the guts to personally talk to, you have all the ways to converse with them anytime of the day.

However, I could not agree more that people could change through social media. One can simply type “Haha” and not feel any happiness at all. One can replace punctuations marks with an emoticon and not mean it.

Sometimes, I think what we write is not what we think. Emoticons are silly, not silly-silly because they are cute, they add colors, but silly in a way that, we may not notice it, but it replaces reality with lies. It creates a false sense of honesty and intimacy because we all now that friendship does take time to grow and you can’t simply know a person well through online chatting.

Basically, social media enables us to connect with people who really know and express ourselves. It is also like a virtual place for interaction where meeting new friends is made possible at the same time, ending old ones.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

January 2017 Favorites

Before I get back to doing my thesis today (and a lot more stuff), let me share to you all the best products I have tried for January 2017! I picked 5 products this time and let's see if you think the same.

1. Belo SunExpert Perfecting Shield Tinted Suncreen, P449

This sunscreen looks more like a BB Cream to me because of the tinted texture and finish. I love it because it does not feel tacky when applied nor leaves your skin looking oily. At the same time, it won't accentuate your dry patches on skin. Though it has a whopping SPF50, it still looks good even in flash photography. Read my review here.

2. Covergirl Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation, P350

This foundation really does what its called--makes skin luminous and bright after application. Having super oily skin, it's a blessing to find a base makeup that does not feel tacky and is able to provide a decent coverage minus the heavy price tag.

3. Zale Beauty Powder in Bright, P49

I go gaga with this powder because it literally makes my skin look beautiful! Apart from being a nice setting powder, it also helps reduce the appearance of pores, thus the more flawless, softer, smoother and younger look! For less than fifty bucks, this is a total cut above the rest! Read my review here.

4. Lily's Touch Diamond Polish, P750

Diamond Polish is such a nice innovation in the world of skin care. Though it does not compete with pricey salon diamond peelings in terms of effect, I put it above other facial scrubs as it instantly imparts a glowing, bright, soft and smooth skin with just a dollop to apply! Smells so nice too! Read my review here.

5. Sansan Eyelash Curler, P69

I have my San San Curler for like forever already. In fact, it's my second curler from them which I bought when I lost the older one. But I do not use them often because I am not used to applying mascaras all the time. It's only last January that I started to use it more often and I love it so much! It does not look and feel cheap, could really compete with high-end curlers.

And that's all? What's your top picks for January? Happy blogging!

Zenutrients Strawberry Lip Butter Review

Zenutrients Strawberry Lip Butter, 15g
Bought from: Zenutrients Counter
Bought for: P170

And so I heard Zenutrients revamped their packaging. Today, I am going to talk about one of their organic products, the Strawberry Lip Butter! From plastic to fragile jars? Both have pros and cons. First, I like that the new packaging does not look like it's only P170 but it's bulky and definitely, something I won't prefer bringing outside. The old one is housed in a plastic container which allows you to accidentally drop it without breaking it.

Ingredients and Expiry Dates

I think it only has a lifespan of a year. With it containing a good amount of 15g of products inside and that a little of it goes a long way already, I still think that I could finish this in less than a year especially, I am using it everyday to test if it really could solve my dry lips problem.

It directs consumers to apply it once or twice a week and rinse with water afterwards but I prefer letting it stay til all the moisture get absorbed into my lips.

As you can see, the product looks creamy red but when you try to dip your finger to swatch it, you will notice that it looks orange than red. I thought it would impart a nice subtle redness on my lips, but I got disappointed. However, it actually is a winner in the moisture department because of its high hydration content. If you are not a fan of lip care products that are glossy, do not resort to this as there are other lip balms that do not look super oily but equally moisturizing.

I already half-emptied this jar and I still have dry lips. For me, it's like typical lip balms that moisturize lips temporarily so re-application is necessary. I would not substitute my favorite Vaseline Petroleum jelly for this (because the latter's definitely a quarter only of the former's retail price and much more effective) but I would suggest it for those who wants to try a lip butter that smells yummy like Strawberry because I think it was what I paid for. Also, it is made up of organic ingredients that are safe for the body.

Have you tried this, ladies? Care to share your thoughts? Happy blogging!


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Makeup Revolution Bronzer in Bronzed Review

Makeup Revolution London Bronzer in Bronzed
Bought for: P125 | Original Price: P250
Bought from: Shopee Philippines

Can't believe I scored a bronzer at a little over a hundred bucks online! You should know by now that I am a huge sucker of sale items online. You just can't make me buy something at its original price not unless of course I really want that thing. Anyway, the reason why I purchased this is because I possess lots of base makeups but not a single contour in my stash. Being a makeup junkie, I think it's kinda unusual not to have this because it's vital to a flawless, perfectly dimension-ed face.

One thing that really catches my attention is the sleek and handy packaging. It comes in a fragile compact makeup that instead of having to open lids, you have to pull the protruding compact on its side and it would just slides to the right out. At the back of the bronzer is the sticker with details like ingredients and other stuff. It also has that arc-shaped mirror that turns full-sized once you take the sticker off. Cute! I was not able to take pictures of the accompanying sponge (believe me it's there at the bottom) but it's thin and typical. When you open the compact and look at the back, you will notice that there's a tiny insert there with the sponge on. Seriously, aside from being apprehensive about using these applicators for contour, I find it kind of annoying because as much as I would like to utilize its sponge, it's just so hard to insert it back on.

The shade that I got here is the darkest shade among the three (Light Bronze, Medium Bronze and Bronzed), Bronzed. At first, I think having a light complexion, I was wrong in picking this instead of the lighter ones because I find it too dark. But I like it still because with this, I no longer have to use so much to carve out my cheeks. One to two swirls with a brush is enough for me.

And yup, this is how this bronzer looks like when opened.

You can clearly see that this bronzer is matte in finish unlike the lightest shade with shimmers on. I think shimmers looks good for highlighters but for bronzers? Na-uh. I would still opt for a matte.

This bronzer, for its price, is incredibly pigmented--neither chalky nor creamy and I don't now if it's probably only I who find this a little hard to blend (because I am a first-timer in contouring). I think it's because I find it too dark for my skin tone and it's kinda hard to erase the excess especially if I accidentally put too much. It could be a hit for others because this only means that this stays on skin longer and cannot be easily removed by simple contact.

I really can't believe Makeup Revolution manufactures makeups that can compete with high-end's in terms of longevity, choice of shades and pigmentation. Also, it does not smell cheap nor look cheap so I really love it. I'm still actually planning on getting the two other shades just for me to test what suits my skin best or what's easier to apply.

Overall, I highly recommend it to makeup junkies out there and for beginners like me as well. You can play with it anytime without having too worry how much money you have wasted. And I heard it's a great dupe for Makeup Forever's bronzer! It's my first time to try a contouring product and I was not disappointed at all. It's a great value for money and I'll be sure to keep reaching for this every time I go out.

Have you tried this? What do you think? Happy blogging!


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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lily's Touch Miracle Glow Cream Review

Diamond Polish, P750
Miracle Cream, P450
Medicated Astringent, P350
Miracle Soap, P150

Hello everyone! January's about to end and I only published 12 posts 'til now. What a busy month. I have been spending most of my time doing school stuff and whatnot, I'm almost taking hiatus in blogging which, as you can see is what I am trying to fight with as of the moment. Can't see what's in it for me if I stop blogging. to review proper!

Today, what I am going to review is this Lily's Touch Miracle Cream, one of Lily's Touch which I have purchased online and which I have been hearing rave reviews about. Again, I was lured into purchasing when a favorite vlogger of mine introduced this to her audience as the reason why she is having a great complexion. Then once again, I felt being poked over and over again with the fact that not everything that works to someone else may work for me as well.


Miracle Glow Cream available sizes:

50ml – P450.00
150ml – P850.00
300ml – P1,600.00

CLAIMS (as per Lily's Touch Beauty Enterprise)

Reduces the appearance of freckles and melisma; Reduces the appearance of uneven skin pigmentation; Lightens pimple marks; Tightens pores; Lightens skin naturally; Repairs and Rejuvenates dull skin; Improves skin texture leaving a supple and glowing skin; NO mercury or any harmful ingredient; Safe and Effective; Safe for Kids, Pregnant Women and Lactating Moms; Perfect Sunblock for everyday use with Spf 40; Gives you an instant whitening effect and radiant look; Loaded with anti-aging, anti-acne and whitening ingredients; Mesmerizing melon scent; Ideal for face and body; Good for 2-3 months consumption; Matte finish; can be used as a makeup base or foundation when applying makeup.

Great for Treating/Preventing: Wrinkles, Uneven Skin Tone, Dark under Eye, Dark Skin, Dull Complexion, Dark under arms, Dry skin, Melasma, Acne Problems, Blemishes, White/Black Heads, Break Outs, Allergies, Bite Marks, Skin Asthma, Rashes, Dark Elbows, Knees, Nape

Ingredients, Directions, Cautions, Manufacturing and Expiry Dates


The product comes in a typical plastic jar and an inner lid which I find hygienic. However, I have to throw it away because inner lids give me a hard time every time I have to hold it while I scoop products. For short, they do not make life easier. Also, the jar itself is bulky enough to make me doubt whether or not I should bring it to travels or overnights.


I would say that a little of this cream, prolly half a pea-sized amount is enough to cover the whole face. I would advice you, however, to only use a small amount for the whole face and neck twice a day to avoid looking too white and ghostly. Yes, it does impart an instant brightness to your face but be careful how much you apply on because of the strong white cast it gives. With that being said, the product does not look good in flash photography.

Apart from your face and neck, you can also apply this anywhere on your body like underarms, elbow or just about anywhere you want to lighten the skin. I tried applying this cream on those areas but it looks patchy and clings on fine lines so I just stopped.


The product has the consistency of a whip cream--lightweight and soft. It feels light on skin upon application and does not feel sticky even when I perspire. It feels tacky sometimes upon application especially when I accidentally put too much, but it can pass because it does not look super shiny nor make my face look dewy or oily. The cream is slightly hard to blend when you mistakenly put too much and you will find it hard to remove traces of white cast. Still, I still prefer using it under my foundation as it subdues the whiteness of it. It also has sunscreen properties so I can stay protected under the sun. I have foundations that lack sunscreen and Miracle Cream's SPF content would really come useful sometimes.


The scent very much reminds me of melon which I really love as it lingers for a few more minutes upon application. If you are not fond of fruity fragrances, you might not like this one.


Using it for more than a month, to be honest, I did not see much significant effect. My scars did not lighten a bit, my pimples did not dry fast, my face does not look whiter unless I had the cream on and my pores did not look firmer either. On the  brighter side, it does not cause my skin to react terribly on a different skin care nor cause any adverse reaction or what. It also moisturizes the skin  but I feel like the cream stays on the surface of my skin rather than getting absorbed by it so I do not really feel hydrated sometimes. However, I always like my skin upon waking up because it looks bright, healthy, soft, smooth and well-repaired. Although it did not cause me to terribly break out, it did not prevent pimples from coming either.


If you are looking for safe and all-natural ingredient infused product, I would recommend you give Lily's Touch Miracle Glow Cream a try. It is quite pricey for the 50ml tub, but you will barely use half of it for a month so it's cost-efficient in a way. If you are more into anti-aging products, you might appreciate its skin benefits especially with the Snail Slime Extract which is know to make skin 6 years younger in as fast as 4 weeks. If you are more into naturally fresh look, this and some dust of powder is enough to make you look glowing and radiant without the heavy feeling.


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