Friday, February 17, 2017

3W Clinic Professional Natural Makeup Powder

3W Clinic Professional Natural Makeup Powder, #21
Bought for: P125 | Original Price: P250
Bought from: an online seller

I have been eyeing a Korean powder for a long time and when I stumbled upon it on Shopee at half of its retail price, I just lost my mind and purchased it then and there. This loose setting powder is formerly known as DODO Palgantong Powder. It also claims to be the best setting powder in Korea, Japan, etc. The reason why I was so decisive I'll buy it is because a lot of makeup enthusiasts love it. I was supposed to get the shade #23 or Natural Beige, but it ran out of stock and the seller sent me the one in shade #21 or Light Beige. I can't just get furious because she was so nice and maybe to compensate for the wrong item, she sent me a freebie.

Now, let's see if I have the same positive feedback towards it.

First, I kind of hate the packaging as it is so bulky so it's not really travel-friendly. The sticker does not make it look better too. Is it just me? I do not find the color combination of red and yellow much striking too.

I actually can't read what's written on the box but I included it here if in case you know Korean. :)

With bigger container comes bigger puff, say you? Actually, I am having a love-hate relationship with the puff. I don't like it because it's too wide and big so I find it hard to maneuver all around my face especially on hard to reach areas. However, the puff is soft that I would like it only if it's smaller. I like the puff that comes with Innisfree Mineral Sebum Powder, by the way.

The loose powder has a subtle scent to it which I like. Since the shade that I got is #21, I already expect it to be a little light for my skin tone which is both light and warm. The ultra-fine pigments also appear pinkish on my skin so I set it with a facial mist. However, the finely-milled powder are so soft and so easy to blend. For short, I so like the texture of the powder.

Another thing I find off about this powder is how it makes your base looks powdery and cakey, thus setting everything with a facial mist is highly advisable unless you really want your face to look flat matte. Also, it does not control oil for a long time and it only takes my oily skin an hour to two before blotting papers or retouching are needed.

The best thing about this powder is that it is super lightweight on skin. I can also apply it if I do not want to have the feeling like I have foundation on or that if I only want to look fresh. Whenever I have this on, I do not feel sticky or anything. However, even with the shade selection, these powders does not provide coverage at all. It also does not have SPF on it so layering a sunblock under is necessary.

Notice that the filters have sticker on to prevent spillage. However, once it's already been removed, take good care of it so it won't spill sideways or come out of the screen. By the way, this loose setting powder has natural ingredients to it so it does not clog pores or cause any adverse reactions.

Overall, I am not really that impressed with this product's formulation. I do not hate it but I don't love it either. My Innisfree Mineral No-Sebum Powder and Zale Beauty Powders are still better. Also, I do not find myself reaching out for this everytime my face turns oily. I don't know why I am not giving rave reviews just like other people but yeah. I might try incorporating this powder again in my makeup routine just to be sure. Will let you know the updates though.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of 3W Clinic Professional Natural Makeup Powder in the comments section below! Happy blogging!

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