Thursday, February 2, 2017

January 2017 Favorites

Before I get back to doing my thesis today (and a lot more stuff), let me share to you all the best products I have tried for January 2017! I picked 5 products this time and let's see if you think the same.

1. Belo SunExpert Perfecting Shield Tinted Suncreen, P449

This sunscreen looks more like a BB Cream to me because of the tinted texture and finish. I love it because it does not feel tacky when applied nor leaves your skin looking oily. At the same time, it won't accentuate your dry patches on skin. Though it has a whopping SPF50, it still looks good even in flash photography. Read my review here.

2. Covergirl Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation, P350

This foundation really does what its called--makes skin luminous and bright after application. Having super oily skin, it's a blessing to find a base makeup that does not feel tacky and is able to provide a decent coverage minus the heavy price tag.

3. Zale Beauty Powder in Bright, P49

I go gaga with this powder because it literally makes my skin look beautiful! Apart from being a nice setting powder, it also helps reduce the appearance of pores, thus the more flawless, softer, smoother and younger look! For less than fifty bucks, this is a total cut above the rest! Read my review here.

4. Lily's Touch Diamond Polish, P750

Diamond Polish is such a nice innovation in the world of skin care. Though it does not compete with pricey salon diamond peelings in terms of effect, I put it above other facial scrubs as it instantly imparts a glowing, bright, soft and smooth skin with just a dollop to apply! Smells so nice too! Read my review here.

5. Sansan Eyelash Curler, P69

I have my San San Curler for like forever already. In fact, it's my second curler from them which I bought when I lost the older one. But I do not use them often because I am not used to applying mascaras all the time. It's only last January that I started to use it more often and I love it so much! It does not look and feel cheap, could really compete with high-end curlers.

And that's all? What's your top picks for January? Happy blogging!

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