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Lily's Touch Miracle Glow Cream Review

Diamond Polish, P750
Miracle Cream, P450
Medicated Astringent, P350
Miracle Soap, P150

Hello everyone! January's about to end and I only published 12 posts 'til now. What a busy month. I have been spending most of my time doing school stuff and whatnot, I'm almost taking hiatus in blogging which, as you can see is what I am trying to fight with as of the moment. Can't see what's in it for me if I stop blogging. to review proper!

Today, what I am going to review is this Lily's Touch Miracle Cream, one of Lily's Touch which I have purchased online and which I have been hearing rave reviews about. Again, I was lured into purchasing when a favorite vlogger of mine introduced this to her audience as the reason why she is having a great complexion. Then once again, I felt being poked over and over again with the fact that not everything that works to someone else may work for me as well.


Miracle Glow Cream available sizes:

50ml – P450.00
150ml – P850.00
300ml – P1,600.00

CLAIMS (as per Lily's Touch Beauty Enterprise)

Reduces the appearance of freckles and melisma; Reduces the appearance of uneven skin pigmentation; Lightens pimple marks; Tightens pores; Lightens skin naturally; Repairs and Rejuvenates dull skin; Improves skin texture leaving a supple and glowing skin; NO mercury or any harmful ingredient; Safe and Effective; Safe for Kids, Pregnant Women and Lactating Moms; Perfect Sunblock for everyday use with Spf 40; Gives you an instant whitening effect and radiant look; Loaded with anti-aging, anti-acne and whitening ingredients; Mesmerizing melon scent; Ideal for face and body; Good for 2-3 months consumption; Matte finish; can be used as a makeup base or foundation when applying makeup.

Great for Treating/Preventing: Wrinkles, Uneven Skin Tone, Dark under Eye, Dark Skin, Dull Complexion, Dark under arms, Dry skin, Melasma, Acne Problems, Blemishes, White/Black Heads, Break Outs, Allergies, Bite Marks, Skin Asthma, Rashes, Dark Elbows, Knees, Nape

Ingredients, Directions, Cautions, Manufacturing and Expiry Dates


The product comes in a typical plastic jar and an inner lid which I find hygienic. However, I have to throw it away because inner lids give me a hard time every time I have to hold it while I scoop products. For short, they do not make life easier. Also, the jar itself is bulky enough to make me doubt whether or not I should bring it to travels or overnights.


I would say that a little of this cream, prolly half a pea-sized amount is enough to cover the whole face. I would advice you, however, to only use a small amount for the whole face and neck twice a day to avoid looking too white and ghostly. Yes, it does impart an instant brightness to your face but be careful how much you apply on because of the strong white cast it gives. With that being said, the product does not look good in flash photography.

Apart from your face and neck, you can also apply this anywhere on your body like underarms, elbow or just about anywhere you want to lighten the skin. I tried applying this cream on those areas but it looks patchy and clings on fine lines so I just stopped.


The product has the consistency of a whip cream--lightweight and soft. It feels light on skin upon application and does not feel sticky even when I perspire. It feels tacky sometimes upon application especially when I accidentally put too much, but it can pass because it does not look super shiny nor make my face look dewy or oily. The cream is slightly hard to blend when you mistakenly put too much and you will find it hard to remove traces of white cast. Still, I still prefer using it under my foundation as it subdues the whiteness of it. It also has sunscreen properties so I can stay protected under the sun. I have foundations that lack sunscreen and Miracle Cream's SPF content would really come useful sometimes.


The scent very much reminds me of melon which I really love as it lingers for a few more minutes upon application. If you are not fond of fruity fragrances, you might not like this one.


Using it for more than a month, to be honest, I did not see much significant effect. My scars did not lighten a bit, my pimples did not dry fast, my face does not look whiter unless I had the cream on and my pores did not look firmer either. On the  brighter side, it does not cause my skin to react terribly on a different skin care nor cause any adverse reaction or what. It also moisturizes the skin  but I feel like the cream stays on the surface of my skin rather than getting absorbed by it so I do not really feel hydrated sometimes. However, I always like my skin upon waking up because it looks bright, healthy, soft, smooth and well-repaired. Although it did not cause me to terribly break out, it did not prevent pimples from coming either.


If you are looking for safe and all-natural ingredient infused product, I would recommend you give Lily's Touch Miracle Glow Cream a try. It is quite pricey for the 50ml tub, but you will barely use half of it for a month so it's cost-efficient in a way. If you are more into anti-aging products, you might appreciate its skin benefits especially with the Snail Slime Extract which is know to make skin 6 years younger in as fast as 4 weeks. If you are more into naturally fresh look, this and some dust of powder is enough to make you look glowing and radiant without the heavy feeling.


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