Thursday, February 2, 2017

Makeup Revolution Bronzer in Bronzed Review

Makeup Revolution London Bronzer in Bronzed
Bought for: P125 | Original Price: P250
Bought from: Shopee Philippines

Can't believe I scored a bronzer at a little over a hundred bucks online! You should know by now that I am a huge sucker of sale items online. You just can't make me buy something at its original price not unless of course I really want that thing. Anyway, the reason why I purchased this is because I possess lots of base makeups but not a single contour in my stash. Being a makeup junkie, I think it's kinda unusual not to have this because it's vital to a flawless, perfectly dimension-ed face.

One thing that really catches my attention is the sleek and handy packaging. It comes in a fragile compact makeup that instead of having to open lids, you have to pull the protruding compact on its side and it would just slides to the right out. At the back of the bronzer is the sticker with details like ingredients and other stuff. It also has that arc-shaped mirror that turns full-sized once you take the sticker off. Cute! I was not able to take pictures of the accompanying sponge (believe me it's there at the bottom) but it's thin and typical. When you open the compact and look at the back, you will notice that there's a tiny insert there with the sponge on. Seriously, aside from being apprehensive about using these applicators for contour, I find it kind of annoying because as much as I would like to utilize its sponge, it's just so hard to insert it back on.

The shade that I got here is the darkest shade among the three (Light Bronze, Medium Bronze and Bronzed), Bronzed. At first, I think having a light complexion, I was wrong in picking this instead of the lighter ones because I find it too dark. But I like it still because with this, I no longer have to use so much to carve out my cheeks. One to two swirls with a brush is enough for me.

And yup, this is how this bronzer looks like when opened.

You can clearly see that this bronzer is matte in finish unlike the lightest shade with shimmers on. I think shimmers looks good for highlighters but for bronzers? Na-uh. I would still opt for a matte.

This bronzer, for its price, is incredibly pigmented--neither chalky nor creamy and I don't now if it's probably only I who find this a little hard to blend (because I am a first-timer in contouring). I think it's because I find it too dark for my skin tone and it's kinda hard to erase the excess especially if I accidentally put too much. It could be a hit for others because this only means that this stays on skin longer and cannot be easily removed by simple contact.

I really can't believe Makeup Revolution manufactures makeups that can compete with high-end's in terms of longevity, choice of shades and pigmentation. Also, it does not smell cheap nor look cheap so I really love it. I'm still actually planning on getting the two other shades just for me to test what suits my skin best or what's easier to apply.

Overall, I highly recommend it to makeup junkies out there and for beginners like me as well. You can play with it anytime without having too worry how much money you have wasted. And I heard it's a great dupe for Makeup Forever's bronzer! It's my first time to try a contouring product and I was not disappointed at all. It's a great value for money and I'll be sure to keep reaching for this every time I go out.

Have you tried this? What do you think? Happy blogging!


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