Friday, February 3, 2017

What I Think of Friendship in Social Media

So, I actually had my fair share of posting photos or videos on my social media accounts just to, you know, update people that I still exist. Because it seems that in the urban world, everyone has a social medium and if you have none, then your crazy, your stupid.

You could also have your fair share of embarrassing social media moments where you probably shared your foolish thoughts about something or posted a photo where you do not look quite good and then everyone started to bash you, to criticize you like they are all beautiful people, like they are all intelligent people. Sometimes, I think if you do those things, maybe no one cares since we’re all focused on our own thing.

Other times, I think it hurts too because we personally care since having misunderstanding is super easy when you do not see each other. Like, for example, you saw photos of your high school friends getting together and you’re like, “Holy sh*t, why was I not invited?”

I didn’t mean to sound like friendship does not exist on social media because you have a mixture of more than a thousand real and fake friends. It’s actually effortless. Even the craziest person can know you. Even the one person you swore not to talk to or the person you can’t have the guts to personally talk to, you have all the ways to converse with them anytime of the day.

However, I could not agree more that people could change through social media. One can simply type “Haha” and not feel any happiness at all. One can replace punctuations marks with an emoticon and not mean it.

Sometimes, I think what we write is not what we think. Emoticons are silly, not silly-silly because they are cute, they add colors, but silly in a way that, we may not notice it, but it replaces reality with lies. It creates a false sense of honesty and intimacy because we all now that friendship does take time to grow and you can’t simply know a person well through online chatting.

Basically, social media enables us to connect with people who really know and express ourselves. It is also like a virtual place for interaction where meeting new friends is made possible at the same time, ending old ones.

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