Thursday, March 30, 2017

Rimmel London Brow This Way Sculpting Kit in 002 Medium Brown Review

Rimmel London Brow This Way
Bought from: an online shop
Bought for: P250

If I am to name the most stubborn part of my face, it would be my brows. I have thick hairs and sparse brows. They look full sometimes but it's necessary to remove the lower portion to be able to get a good shape. In the end, I'm still ending up with sparse brows. I'm quite contented with its look, I mean sometimes I don't want to meddle with it anymore because it's something that needs high maintenance, you know, you have to keep it groomed and shaped all the time. But when my makeup artist during the graduation pictorial fixed my brows, I just keep on reaching for my Rimmel London Brow This Way Palette Sculpting Kit because it just looks nice for me and I feel like I need to tend to it na since soon enough, I'm going to be a career woman.

Packaging: This palette comes very handy to me. It is just too small to fit even my pocket so I could retouch anywhere and anytime I want. The sculpting kit even has this tiny double ended angled brush and a spoolie, so it's like an all in one product for the brows. Most of the time, I throw away accompanied applicators when they feel useless but for the first time, I am keeping the brush and spoolie even after I hit the pan because they are durable and is really made of high quality materials despite its reasonable price.

The angle brush is so easy to use as it is slim enough to create a perfect outline of my brows. I could use it alternately if I accidentally missed cleaning once it hardened. The spoolie blends the colors, the wax and powder well and gives that ombre effect.

Texture and consistency: The left pan of the kit has a wax type of brow product while the right side is in a powder formula that sets the wax in place. I find it easy to scoop the wax with my applicator because of its soft texture. As you can see on the photo above, I easily cause a dent on it when I am just doing photography. The powder has a creamy and soft texture. It is also pigmented. It applies well on my brows with ease.

Color: I got the shade in 002 Medium Brown. This time I refrain from getting the darkest shade because I am aiming for a more natural brows. I did not get the lightest shade either because I have dark hair which probably won't look nice when paired with lighter brow makeups. The powder has a natural brown color which looks nice for those with Asian complexion. It also does it job to balance the color payoff of the wax when it's getting to look a little heavy on the brows. The wax formula is a deeper shade of brown but actually applies lighter than on its shade on the pan.

For your reference, here's a swatch. The color payoff is not really overwhelming so I am not getting overdid eyebrows. I even receive a compliment or two from my friends when I wore this at school!

Before you scroll down, I would like to apologize for my no-so-good eye shadows, eyeliner and everything. I just bought eye shadow palettes the previous months and I am still figuring out how to properly mix and match shades. As you can see, I am neither and expert in lining my lids. Lol. The left area's look on-fleek, the right is noticeably imprecise. I still find it hard to work my right hand to the left portions of my face. Anyway, here's how I did my brows today.

Please bear with my makeup skills lol.

Longevity: Brow products last on me all day and this is not an exclusion. I just find that if I accidentally run my fingers on it, the color tends to get removed. What I advise you to do is to carefully seal the wax with the powder to make it last.

Overall, I love Rimmel London Brow This Way Sculpting Kit. With its affordable price, no one would get wrong with it. I am just hoping they come with gray shades because I think that would be a more suitable shade for me given my black hair and brows. One kit would definitely last me months and expect me to use this for more makeup play times!

What do you think of Rimmel London Brow This Way Sculpting Kit? Tried it? Love it? Share your thoughts with me down below! Happy blogging!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How Do I Keep My Hair Soft, Smooth and Manageable? (Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner and Cream Conditioner Review)

Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner and Cream Conditioner
Bought for: Free | Original Price: P96.50 (Shampoo); P95.20 (Conditioner)
Bought from: Sampleroom

Keeping hair soft, smooth and manageable EVERY day is almost an impossible feat. There are times when my hair is so bad, when it's at its best and when it's just in its so-so moment. But what do we really want to always achieve? A good hair day, indeed. Good thing, I have with me my favorite pair of shampoo and conditioner--Palmolive Naturals. Actually, any variant works for me, it's just happened that this is the only variant available at Sampleroom.

Other brands of shampoo may not dry out my hair but it would cause me terrible cases of dandruff or vice versa. It was tiring and I'm not mentioning the brands. My point is, it's just hard to find a hair product that won't cause you any problem at all. It is also hard to rave about a product when not everyone agrees with you. Nonetheless, I have tried a lot of shampoo and conditioner brands but these drugstore pair tends to always be my (and my mom's) top choice.

There's a lot of reviews available online about these so I'm keeping this short. What I like most about these products is that they are non-drying, non-sticky, and is really softening. They also give me that lightweight feeling and long-wearing fragrance on my hair as if I have a mane from a shampoo commercial. It also gently cleanses my hair without leaving me dandruffs (which I get from most hair care products). To date, nothing beats my Palmolive! By the way, my top favorite is the purple variant as it smells the nicest! For more information about their product, listed down below are their social media accounts. do I keep my hair soft, smooth and manageable? You've got my answer. Until next, happy blogging!


*This is not a paid advertisement or a sponsored post.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday Agenda: Ian's Recognition Day and Uncle Adong's Birthday Celebration

My day started so early today and I'm quite tired as we just got home from my little brother's recognition day and Uncle Adong's Birthday in a private resort in Antipolo (near Cottonwood Heights). I'll keep my tonight's journal post short and I'm so itchy to go to bed right now lol.

We went to Cinema 3, SM Manila at around 8:00 AM today for the recognition of my brother and which I am so proud because he ranks nine and I know he is a Mathematics wizard. The 'ate' in me was just so proud that I took photos of him and mom walking the aisle of the cinema to the stage to receive his certificate. He always belongs to the cream of the crop consistently from he was just a 'salingkit' (seat-in) up to the moment he started attending school officially. Yet, I just write something about him here just tonight (for the first time!) and it made me feel bad. my brother, keep up the good work and continue to make the family proud, bunso!

After recognition day, we went straight to Antipolo to post-celebrate Uncle Adong's birthday which was last March 21, same birthday with my father! There was pool in there but I did not swim since I was feeling so ill due to cough and cold, despite me packing a complete swimming package prior today. To make up, I just eat lots of food like my ultimate favorite kare-kare and manggang hilaw with bagoong, chicken cordon blue, chicken with milk (I think? I don't know what's that recipe supposed to be called), dulce de leche, embutido, etc. I was just so full all day! Thanks Tito Adong and family and belated happy,happy birthday!

Of course, I had fun talking with the whole Nicolas Clan! Hahahah! Yes, I only took a few photos because I was not feeling really well. Even most of my nieces and nephews and cousins are not here huhuhu. Anyway, there's time for everything, right?

Overall, it's a well spent day and I'm looking forward for more! Until my next post! Bye!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Graduation Pictorial 2017

Hey, guys! Have you been so excited in your life that even if a special day is still weeks or months away, you just can't help counting the days until you reached that moment? I can't believe I'm feeling this right now for two reasons. First, my boyfriend's coming back from Spain this April and second, my graduation is due on April 21! Yay! So we just had our graduation pictorial yesterday with Splurge Photography. I planned on getting shots myself of the actual event--the room where we stayed, the room where hair and makeup was done and the actual photo booth. However, I was too busy dressing up and fixing makeup for our creative group shots from 9:00AM-10:00PM straight with minimal eating and resting in between.

First thing done after paying the graduation pictorial fee is doing the hair and makeup. I was amazed because one classroom was turned to like a makeup haven with different makeup artists doing the job. If I am not mistaken, there were 8 of them, each have their own vanity mirrors with bulbs, that sort of thing only professional makeup artists have as well as different makeups in different high-end brands. If I am too fortunate, I'd like to have something like those in my future room.

After my payment was confirmed, I changed into my toga outfit! Next was the Filipiniana outfit. Then, my creative shot sporting some '90s chic outfit!

I will be posting a separate blog post on the specifications of this look soon. So...Graduation pic seals it all! Finally, I am an official graduate of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila!

I thank school for the all the first times, for the failures and triumphs, for the rejections and considerations, for the rules and values set, for the challenges, for the friendships and quarrels, for the passionate professors and their words of wisdom, for the 1.0s and 2.0s, for the scholarly treatment, for the countless chances, for the laughter and tears, for the deadlines, for the sleepless nights and overnights-turned-sleepover I both dreaded and enjoyed, for the adventures I had, for the knowledge I get, for the inspirations I look up to, for the goals I made, for the passion I possess, for the built potentials, for the milestone I reached, for the future I dream, for the better me. The real battle may be tough, but I'm well-equipped.

Thanks family: mama, papa, kuya, bunso, uncles, aunties, cousins, nephews and nieces, as well as to extended families for the overflowing support and encouragement. Thank you to my friends (you know yourselves) for sharing this endeavor with me. Thank you to my Alma Maters who molded me, Valenzuela Christian School for raising me for 12 years and of course, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila for being my home for four years of collegiate life.

Above all else, thank you, Lord, for letting me live my everyday life without limits, boredom, fear, deep sorrows and regrets. I cannot thank You enough.

Hmm...Sorry for the drama. Anyway, here are the pictures I took with lovely friends!

Girl Squad

Squid #PurityFriends


Ughhh, these faces are what I will miss the most when I leave college. For all of you out there who haven't yet done with your collegiate life, enjoy every second of it, cherish the moment and the people you're still with because it's only gonna end and there's no coming back. You will have to move forward and see some of them only few times. :(

Anyway, I'm gonna wrap this post up before I swell up in tears. Until my next post, everyone! Happy blogging!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Elf Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 in Nude Review

Elf Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF20
Bought for: P100 (50% off) | Original Retail Price: P200
Bought from: an online shop

Claims: With Aloe, Cucumber, and Vitamins A, C, E. The lightweight and hydrating formula is breathable and provides anti-aging sun protection with UVB SPF 20. Achieve even skin tone and naturally radiant skin with this moisturizing tint of color.

You can see the wonders of online shopping when you can easily sort items and spot what's on sale. Sometimes, I take pride on my ability to hunt bargains or grab items in an extremely unmissable prices. When Elf Tinted Moisturizer was slashed half of its price, I can't help but grabbed it on a whim.

I know Elf has a good reputation in the makeup world so I did not hesitate to grab a skincare slash makeup product from them. Actually, I don't think they hav e any skin care line so I guess it is safe to say that Elf StudioTinted Moisturizer SPF20 is a makeup product? I think it's equivalent to BB Creams but with a sheerer coverage. While BB Creams are thicker in consistency, tinted moisturizers like this get absorbed easily without leaving a film-like coverage which feels like setting over the skin more than into it.

This product comes with a box, mine's a little squashed already due to the shipping but it's still good. It has a lot of information printed at the box so those who are avid readers will definitely appreciate this. I was just a bit curious on its proclaimed use which is to "help prevent sunburn" when it should be closer to moisturizing and hydrating jobs.

The only shades available online were the Porcelain and Nude ones but Elf actually has seven shades you can choose from: Porcelain, Nude, Beige, Sand, Almond, Mocha and Espresso. Phew, I rarely see tinted moisturizers that has foundation-ish shade selection huh. Anyway, I get the nude because I think I should not be getting the lighter shade among the options lol and it's a safe bet as it has neutral balance of yellow and pink undertones.

Packaging: The product comes in a handy squeezable matte tube with a cap that is easily resealable. It has a narrow opening wherein the product gets dispensed to and is small enough to avoid any spillage. I find this easier to work with because I can control the amount I want to use all over my face and neck without wasting any product.

Consistency and Texture: This product has a consistency of a lightweight moisturizer that is super soft and is easy to blend around the face. It gets absorbed easily as well so you don't say hi to greasy or sticky residue. It does not look patchy or tacky when applied, in fact, my oily skin does not have any complain so I think I will be reaching more of these this summer.

Color and Coverage: True to its word, this product has balance pink and yellow undertones. I'm more on the neutral side right now so Nude could be the safest bet for me. I would say that this product despite looking heavily tinted, glides and blends easily with the natural skin tone to achieve a more even complexion that does not look like well made up. It offers a very sheer coverage which I like to sport during times when I don't want to layer my face with heavy makeups.

Application: Just half a pea-sized amount is enough to cover my whole face and neck. A tube will most likely stay with me for a month (with daily use). I am using my fingers to blend out the product in all areas of my face. It is advisable to re-apply but since I have always very limited time, powders are enough for quick touch-ups.

Experience with this product: Surprisingly, Elf Studio Tinted Moisturizer can be applied under foundation or BB Cream and it instantly adhere the makeup to the skin making them a lot more long-wearing plus it adds to the coverage! I have a lot of pimple scars and redness on certain areas of my skin particularly outer cheeks, nose and chin but this tinted moisturizer did the job to make them less visible in daylight. It also gives that nice semi-matte look (not flat) and that moisture the skin needs so the foundation will be blended much easier. There were times when I use unknowingly an SPF-based products under my foundation and the result? I had awful patchy makeup, worst, they set into fine lines. Good thing, it did not happen with this tinted moisturizer.

Even though I used this product for two weeks straight, I did not notice any significant improvement on the look of my bare skin, nonetheless, it did not cause me to severely breakout so I'm good with it. Usually, mys skin reacts badly to heavily fragranced products so I'm really thankful that this one has mild to barely-there scent. Using this would yield a healthier, fresher, brighter, more even-toned and more radiant skin as instant as every application, that, I can vouch for.

Overall, I think Elf StudioTinted Moisturizer is such a steal. I find that while using this, my time in makeup application rolls down to fewer minutes. Sometimes, I'm skipping off products with coverage as well as day creams and moisturizers because Elf Studio Tinted Moisturizer is a day cream and a BB cream in one! It's efficient to use, affordable, lightweight and is available in Elf counters nationwide. I highly recommend this product to whichever skin type you have and I'll be sure as hll, this product will adjust to your skin type.

Please let me know what you think of Elf Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 or if in any case you wanted to purchase, talk to me via the comment box down below and response will be given shortly. Happy blogging!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Raffle Promo in Collaboration With @fabulousfemmesph

Hello, everyone! I'm having a raffle promo in collaboration with @fabulousfemmesph on Instagram! Winner will be getting six (6) pieces of lipsticks from Lip Diva worth P900 while consolation prizes awaits non-winners. I'm excited to announce this because I am such a huge fan of the locally-made but like high-end lipsticks from Lipz Diva. Their own version of creamy mattes are really long-wearing, even can survive heavy meals and is non-drying, not to mention the beautiful shade selection! To win the grand prize, here's the mechanics you will need to follow.

Repost from @fabulousfemmesph:

Hear ye, hear ye. It's raffle time, ladies! ONE winner will receive 6 pcs. of Lipz Diva lipsticks of their choice. Each lipstick is Php 150, so that's Php 900 worth of lip products, pwedeng pwedeng pandagdag sa nag-uumapaw mong lipstick collection (alam mo yan beh, wink), investment ng isang fresh grad na naghahanap na ng kanyang first job, or para sa'yo na full time mom na gustong magkaron ng extra income. This is your chance to experience a lipstick that's authentic, long-lasting, creamy matte, affordable, and FDA approved. Oh, did I tell you that it's proudly Philippine made? Yep, tangkilikin ang sariling atin. No to fake makeup tayo mga bes.


1. Be part of the family, follow us on Instagram @fabulousfemmesph, and @hannapoleng
2. Like this post, repost, and tag 3 friends using the hashtag #fabulousfemmesphraffle2017
3. Starts, March 21, 2017 (Tuesday)
4. Number of slots: 20
5. Price per slot: Php 50
6. Mode of payment: BPI, Security Bank, Palawan Express, LBC (Payment details will be sent via PM)
7. Draw date: Once all slots are filled (Maximum of 2 slots per person only) 
8. Bayad muna, bago pili ng slot. No reservations please.
9. Open to residents in the Philippines only.
10. Non-winners will receive a 15% discount on any Human❤ Nature products they will purchase on @fabulousfemmesph. Offer is valid for 30 days after the announcement of the winner.
11. Failure to comply with the mechanics will result to forfeiture of entries.

P.S. This raffle is a collaboration between @fabulousfemmesph and @hannapoleng, and is not, in any way, a promo sponsored by Lipz Diva or Human Nature.

Interested? Send me or @fabulousfemmesph a private message in any of our accounts and we will be sending our responses shortly. Thank you and good luck! :)

Sale Alert: Splurge for Graduation

Hey, guys! I have been shopping non-stop lately both online and offline and I just can't stop spoiling myself because a month from now, I will be an official graduate of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila already! I can't wait to shop for dresses and shoes that I will be wearing. Of course, PICC is not going to be handling a fashion show, but events like this could also look like a runway for models a.k.a graduating students! And since we all need some deserved makeovers, here are sales you never want to miss!

Want to give yourself something to guide you on your career? Head to SM City North EDSA Annex 4th floor and buy yourself pairs of sneakers at discounted prices! It will last until March 30, 2017!

And of course, one of my favorite apparel shops, Chicabooti, is also on sale! Actually, sale or not, they only sell pieces that are affordable but of high quality and trendy (if you may ask)! Graduating students can get steals from this gorgeous shop! Apart from clother labeled Chicabooti, they also distribute Papers and Scissors (clothing brand not art tools lol)!

Lipstick junkies, watch out! You can get a discount on the newest Powder Mattes from Maybelline! All you have to do is share their video from this link: and tell them why you love the new Powder Mattes. You have to include the hashtags: #PowderYourPout and #ShopShareSave on your caption. To avail the 10% discount, you have to present a screenshot showing you have done the mechanics to Metro Manila Maybelline Beauty Advisers of SM Store, Metro Gaisano, Watsons, Robinsons or Landmark. This lasts til the end of March, 2017!

And...I know you will love this because L'oreal Paris is also on sale! There's a huge slash of 50% off on some of their bestsellers! For the complete list of prices, scroll down!

50% off on our summer must-haves:
- Infallible 16HR Pro-Matte Powder, from P600 to P300
- Infallible Pro-Setting Spray, from P500 to P250
- Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick Summer Shades (Peachy Brown, Glamor Fuchsia, Sheer Plum, Spring Rosette, Red Valentine), from P400 to P200
- Color Riche Le Rouge Lipstick Summer Shades (Beige Sienna, Dewy Beige, Fairy Touch, Touch of Amaranth, Flirty Berry), from P400 to P200
- False Lash Smudge-Proof Mascaras, from P500 to P250

25% off on our bestsellers:
- True Match face makeup
- Infallible foundation and lipstick
- Color Riche lipsticks
- Color Riche eye shadows
- Brow Artist brow makeup
- Super Liner eyeliners

10% off on Tint Caresse lip powders

Looking for an online sale to avoid the rush? Lazada, as one of the leading online shops nationwide is offering up to 90% off on selected items! Hurry this sale last until tomorrow, March 23, 2017, only!

So...did I make you more excited to do a shopping haul? Let me know what you will be getting yourself this March! Happy blogging!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Leiania House of Beauty Lamiaceae (Family of Mint) Organic Mouth Freshener Review

Lamiaceae (Family of Mint) Organic Mouth Freshener, 100ml
Bought for: Free | Original Retail Price: P250
From: Leiania House of Beauty

Claim: (as per Beautymnl) A handy mouth spray for instantly fresh breath. Formulated with an organic blend of sage, thyme, and parsley; delivers an immediate burst of freshness; helps provide dry mouth relief; won’t sting; enriched with olive leaf extract containing anti-bacterial compounds to help fight germs which cause odors and tooth decay. Perfect for on-the-go relief from bad breath.

Sometimes, no matter how heavy duty our toothpastes or mouth washes are, we could still be in need of a good mouth freshener during unexpected moments like sudden dates with boyfie, friends, or even during instantaneous business meetings. Of course, you don't want to gross them out and all you need are quick sprays to save the day. Other times, using mouth fresheners are more than that. They have anti-bacterial properties that can also alleviate signs of aging teeth like tooth decay and gum problems.

Leiania House of Beauty is a one-stop shop for organic and natural beauty, skincare and makeup products. They have truly expanded and from the makers of beauty soaps and cruelty-free makeups, they are now producing a line for oral hygiene. Proof? Here comes the Lamiaceae (Family of Mint) Organic Mouth Freshener. Phew, Lamiaceae is such a hard word!

Leiania House of Beauty Lamiaceae Organic Mouth Freshener comes in a spray bottle but 4-5 times larger in size and content than other drugstore mouth sprays. It will probably lasts me a couple of months. It also has proper labeling--description, claims, ingredients, proof of authenticity and manufacturing and expiry dates written on the sticker. Given that it's almost the size of a 100ml cologne, I doubt I will be encouraged to bring it while I'm off to somewhere.

This product has organic blends of tried and tested herbs like Aloe Vera, Peppermint, Parsley, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme Extracts, Grapefruit Seed, Olive Leaf, etc. all are known for their anti-bacterial and cleansing properties.

To be honest, I don't like the tang of this mouth freshener even though it claims to not sting or is alcohol-free. It tastes literally like mint mixed with different extracts of herbs which is so sickening to me. I had two of my friends try it and they are fine with this product so maybe it's just me who seems so picky. Hence, if you are particular to the tastes of oral care products, you might find this a bit disgusting. Among Leiania House of Beauty products, this seems to be at the least of my favorites. Yes, it does freshen breath and gets rid of odor with two-three pumps but my taste buds can't really tolerate the aftertaste. It goes away after a few minutes, but still.

This product is available on Leiania House of Beauty Instagram and Shopee accounts as well as on Beautymnl for only P250. Please do let me know if you decided to purchase! Happy blogging!

Olay Bar Review (Where to buy?)

Olay Bars
Bought for: Given as a gift
From: a friend

Hey, guys! This post is not actually produced mainly to give my thoughts about this product but to ask whoever knows where to buy this particular soap in here? It does not have any name aside from the brand so I have no idea what variant this is supposed to be. It was a gift from a friend last Christmas and she told me it came from abroad. I happened to love it and now I made up my mind to repurchase only I have no idea where to buy one.

Why I love this soap? This bar smells so nice and the fragrance even lingers for a moment after you took a bath. It lathers richly as well with its creamy formula that moisturizes the skin. I don't know if this ever is a whitening soap but my skin looks brighter, softer and smoother now. Seriously, my skin looks more nourished and healthier now! It also does not make my skin feel taut or dry too. This  bar melts easily and turns soft and squishy after a few use so what I advice you to do is store the soap dish in a high-ventilated and dry area so that it would have time to harden when not in use.

So...if you happen to know what variant of Olay soap this is or where I could repurchase, please do let me know via the comment box or leave a private message and I'll surely send my response. Have a nice day, fellas! Happy blogging!

Monday, March 20, 2017

BH Cosmetics 66 Color Palette Lip Gloss Review

BH Cosmetics 66 Color Palette Lip Gloss, 32g
Bought for: P490 | Original Retail Price: P700
Bought from: an online shop

Hey, everyone! I've been buying palettes the past few weeks and I just can't help it. The first was the I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette then the Makeup Revolution Parental Advisory Palette. Since they are both eye shadow makeups, I decided to buy something for my lips as well. Would you laugh at me if I tell you that I expect a blush palette from Makeup Revolution this coming week? Ugh, they excite and break me at the same time. I can't believe I'm splurging for them right now when I don't even have the skills yet to apply on-fleek makeups.

Claims: (for mobile users) Create alluring, kissable beauty with 66 stunning colors, from delectable chocolates and high-glamor reds to flirty pinks and corals. Choose sultry shimmers or creamy mattes, it's up to you!

How to apply: (1) Prep your lips using our Eye and Lip Primer (I think it's the first shade?) to keep color from fading. (2) Using our Lip Liner Brush (which I don't have) or your finger (No! Pans are way too small), take your desired lip color and apply to lips. (3) Apply a matching lip liner or a clear gloss for a flawless finish!


Packaging: When I saw in the picture that this palette has 66 lip glosses in pans, I already kept on guessing how big the palette would be in actual. To be honest, I was disappointed because I expect it to be bigger for a palette with 66 different shades of lip colors. To give you the exact dimensions, the palette is 6 by 9 inches while the size of the disks are approximately  1 1/2 cm each. The packaging is made up of a lightweight plastic material that is matte in texture and can be easily marked with fingerprints. I appreciate this because among other palettes that I have, I find this something I would want to reach out for during travel since it's light and thin so storage won't be a problem. The packaging does not look cheap at all, instead it looks like a gorgeous companion by professionals during gigs and whatnots.

This palette comes with a box and has a transparent plastic lid inside to cover the product. Unfortunately, the shades of the lip glosses are not named so probably, I really have to just number them or label them by rows or columns.

Colors: I was totally overwhelmed by the huge shade selection presented before my eyes. I have looked at them a lot of times but I can't just stop staring at those lovely assorted shades from lip colors I never thought existed, from light to bold shades. I find it hard dividing them into parts because they look so assorted like I could find wearable shades just anywhere with my not-so-preferred shades in between. I can clearly see the blue in different hues, frankly, they look cute but something I wouldn't want to wear on a daily basis. And there are my beloved reds--all creamy and pigmented. I'm not the person who prefers to wear vibrant pinks and there are A LOT of them in this palette. I think I could use them to my advantage as when I try to mix and match shades. Anyway, those pans on the bottom row is my favorite!

Consistency and Finish: As you can tell, this lip palette have lip glosses with glittery, shimmery, metallic and satin finishes. I haven't tried every shade from this palette but since they claim to be lip glosses, nothing does go beyond semi-matte. Most of the shades that are not metallic, glittery or shimmery are really creamy, opaque and has lovely color pay-offs and offers satin finishes. With the use of a lip brush, the lip glosses could be easily blended on the lips, however, you have to use a light hand when dipping the brush as the lipsticks can be too soft and squishy.

Longevity: Though these gives off a lipstick-like finishes and pigmentation, their lasting powers are not that impressive. They could stay on my lips for a maximum of 3-4 hours without drinking or eating. I like wearing the bold shades some times and they do not leave a nice stain on the lips. It saddens me but I am always cheered up by the fact that I still have more shades to play with.

Overall, this palette is a pretty good buy! It gives me the freedom to mix and match and there's available tones for everyone no matter how fair or dark you are.  Two of my favorite shades are swatched above! This palette has a good price point as well. I highly recommend you get this palette if you want to practice with lip makeups! I don't know where to purchase on actual kiosks or stores but I got mine online!

Please do let me know if you plan to purchase one, okay? Happy blogging!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Maxipeel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid Review

If you stumbled upon my previous reviews about Maxipeel products, you will know that I have been too patient and enduring while waiting for that kutis-artista skin as the brand claims. Because I had severe breakouts, uneven skin tone, pimple and acne scars, it's just too inevitable that I trade comfort, to using different products and even undergoing painful chemical peels for a no-assurance effect. I remember it was a love-hate relationship with Maxipeel Exfoliant Solutions, love in a way that I finally am getting that skin I have always wanted, hate because those were just temporary and that soon enough, I'm gonna be dealing again with these tormenting problems. Yeah, I could resort to harsh peelings once again but I grew tired of the stinging sensations that were almost too unbearable. My hope came alive after Maxipeel introduces their latest skin care innovation, the Maxipeel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid with following key benefits that were jut too hard to resist--zero peeling, zero redness, anti-acne, smoothening and lightening.

Maxipeel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid, 50ml
Bought for: Free | Retail Price: P75
Bought from: Sampleroom

Claims and description: (as per Sampleroom) Maxi-Peel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid is a micro-exfoliant solution that helps in the removal of dead skin cells to help prevent the development of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads, done gently with zero redness and zero peeling. Its formula is made up of Skin Renewal Micro-exfoliants and Skin Vitamins that penetrates, cleanses, and exfoliates to reveal radiantly clear, smooth, fair skin from inside out.

Maxi-Peel Zero has Skin Renewal Micro-exfoliants composed of AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHA (beta hydroxy acid). It is also formulated with Skin Vitamins. The AHAs, Glycolic acid and Lactic acid, are safe exfoliators that remove the outer layer of dead skin cells to bring new skin to the surface. On the other hand, Salicylic acid is the BHA present in Maxi-Peel Zero. It penetrates skin deeply lifting away dirt, oil and other skin impurities, thus preventing pores from clogging.

Maxi-Peel Zero has Skin Vitamins namely, Vitamins A, C, E and B3. These vitamins are known to be anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and whitening agents which nourish the skin.

Ingredients and directions for use:

Packaging: It's packaging looks so simple--an opaque white plastic bottle with a cap that shuts tight with a click. However, I appreciate that it's complete with important information displayed on its body such as claims, directions for use, etc., meanwhile, the manufacturing and expiry dates are printed at the bottom.

Scent and Consistency: The product smells strong like the Maxipeel exfoliant solution infused with alcohol but with a hint of fragrance. It's like water in consistency and transparent in color. It also evaporates the moment you apply it so it would be a hard work to make sure you put the same amount of product on all areas of the face.

How and when I use it: Because it's written in the instruction to only use this at night as toner and cleanser, I set aside my previous toner from Lily's Touch and had this as the substitute. What I do is put a small amount of the solution on a cotton ball and spread it directly on my face using a light hand and a gentle circular swiping motion, paying close attention to breakout prone areas like jaw and forehead while staying away from more sensitive areas like eyes and lips.

My experience: The first night I use it, I really felt a tingling sensation--almost the same level of pain with the exfoliant solution. That got me so confused because I thought it's a milder product. I went online to look for the key benefits and features and was surprised to see that it does not claim to be zero pain as well. And so the second night, I prepared and said to myself that it's okay if I feel any pain as long as I won't have to deal with ugly red peeling faces anymore. Much to my surprise, it did not hurt on my second application. It did not hurt either on the succeeding days, instead, it's kinda refreshing on the face. Roll three days and I noticed tiny pimples coming out and I wasn't surprised because it was the exact scenario I'm having when I use the exfoliant solution.

One week passed and I was still breaking out (tiny pimples, not cystic acne, thank goodness!). Come second week and I was still having pimples. Uhm? What's happening? I almost half emptied my bottle by this time. Long story short, it does not perform well on the reduction of pimples. The amount of breakouts I had from the first day is still the same on my 19th day. I was very particular with the effect of this product because I had great expectations with this.

I almost wanted to stop on my second week of using Maxipeel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid. The only reason why I am still holding on to it is the fact that it does brighten up my complexion. It also effectively remove excess dirt and oil on the face. This product is lightweight on the skin as it dries easily without any sticky or greasy feeling.

Overall thoughts: I have been using this product since it came to me on the first day of March, 2017 so I am using this for almost three weeks now and I still haven't notice any significant reduction on my breakouts nor post acne marks but at least it works to clear, smoothen and brighten the complexion without redness or peeling, that, I can vouch for.

I would say that the Maxipeel Exfoliant Solution is a better performing product if you really want a fast treatment to achieve a really nice flawless and glowing complexion. You just have to endure the pain and days of "ugliness". I'm up for another week of a test run with this product and I'm gonna post an update soon should there be any change of outcomes.

So...what do you think of Maxipeel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid? Would you give this a try? Let me know down at the comment section! Happy blogging!


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