Monday, March 20, 2017

BH Cosmetics 66 Color Palette Lip Gloss Review

BH Cosmetics 66 Color Palette Lip Gloss, 32g
Bought for: P490 | Original Retail Price: P700
Bought from: an online shop

Hey, everyone! I've been buying palettes the past few weeks and I just can't help it. The first was the I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette then the Makeup Revolution Parental Advisory Palette. Since they are both eye shadow makeups, I decided to buy something for my lips as well. Would you laugh at me if I tell you that I expect a blush palette from Makeup Revolution this coming week? Ugh, they excite and break me at the same time. I can't believe I'm splurging for them right now when I don't even have the skills yet to apply on-fleek makeups.

Claims: (for mobile users) Create alluring, kissable beauty with 66 stunning colors, from delectable chocolates and high-glamor reds to flirty pinks and corals. Choose sultry shimmers or creamy mattes, it's up to you!

How to apply: (1) Prep your lips using our Eye and Lip Primer (I think it's the first shade?) to keep color from fading. (2) Using our Lip Liner Brush (which I don't have) or your finger (No! Pans are way too small), take your desired lip color and apply to lips. (3) Apply a matching lip liner or a clear gloss for a flawless finish!


Packaging: When I saw in the picture that this palette has 66 lip glosses in pans, I already kept on guessing how big the palette would be in actual. To be honest, I was disappointed because I expect it to be bigger for a palette with 66 different shades of lip colors. To give you the exact dimensions, the palette is 6 by 9 inches while the size of the disks are approximately  1 1/2 cm each. The packaging is made up of a lightweight plastic material that is matte in texture and can be easily marked with fingerprints. I appreciate this because among other palettes that I have, I find this something I would want to reach out for during travel since it's light and thin so storage won't be a problem. The packaging does not look cheap at all, instead it looks like a gorgeous companion by professionals during gigs and whatnots.

This palette comes with a box and has a transparent plastic lid inside to cover the product. Unfortunately, the shades of the lip glosses are not named so probably, I really have to just number them or label them by rows or columns.

Colors: I was totally overwhelmed by the huge shade selection presented before my eyes. I have looked at them a lot of times but I can't just stop staring at those lovely assorted shades from lip colors I never thought existed, from light to bold shades. I find it hard dividing them into parts because they look so assorted like I could find wearable shades just anywhere with my not-so-preferred shades in between. I can clearly see the blue in different hues, frankly, they look cute but something I wouldn't want to wear on a daily basis. And there are my beloved reds--all creamy and pigmented. I'm not the person who prefers to wear vibrant pinks and there are A LOT of them in this palette. I think I could use them to my advantage as when I try to mix and match shades. Anyway, those pans on the bottom row is my favorite!

Consistency and Finish: As you can tell, this lip palette have lip glosses with glittery, shimmery, metallic and satin finishes. I haven't tried every shade from this palette but since they claim to be lip glosses, nothing does go beyond semi-matte. Most of the shades that are not metallic, glittery or shimmery are really creamy, opaque and has lovely color pay-offs and offers satin finishes. With the use of a lip brush, the lip glosses could be easily blended on the lips, however, you have to use a light hand when dipping the brush as the lipsticks can be too soft and squishy.

Longevity: Though these gives off a lipstick-like finishes and pigmentation, their lasting powers are not that impressive. They could stay on my lips for a maximum of 3-4 hours without drinking or eating. I like wearing the bold shades some times and they do not leave a nice stain on the lips. It saddens me but I am always cheered up by the fact that I still have more shades to play with.

Overall, this palette is a pretty good buy! It gives me the freedom to mix and match and there's available tones for everyone no matter how fair or dark you are.  Two of my favorite shades are swatched above! This palette has a good price point as well. I highly recommend you get this palette if you want to practice with lip makeups! I don't know where to purchase on actual kiosks or stores but I got mine online!

Please do let me know if you plan to purchase one, okay? Happy blogging!

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