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Cathy Doll Speed White CC Powder Pact SPF40 PA++ in Light Beige Review

Cathy Doll Speed White CC Powder Pact SPF40 PA++ (Light Beige), 12g
Bought for: Free | Original Price: P399
Bought from: Sampleroom

Claims: Cathy Doll Speed White CC Powder Pact is formulated from innovative Encapsulation Technology. The easy to blend powder that is compounded with Silicon Coating that provides instant smooth coverage and conceals wrinkles and dark spots. The Mineral Mica Innovation balances your skin tone and creates a multi-dimension appearance after applying. Also, it provides maximum whitening and brightening for your skin. Sebum Control delivers 12-hours of effective oil control and maintains a fresh look even without primer. The lightweight solution results in brilliant skin all day long. It helps keep your skin tone balanced and bright once used. UV protection formula protects you from sunrays UVA and UVB with high-definition SPF40 PA+++. Once used, expect bright skin all day. (as per Sampleroom)


If you want to ask me before I tried Cathy Doll Speed White CC Powder Pact whether I like liquid foundations more than pressed powder, I would surely say yes. I haven't tried as many as I did with liquid foundations, but this pressed powder here seemed to be on my top drugstore powder pacts already and even replaced some foundations I've grown to love in the past. In fact, I bought my mom one and she's loving it as much as I do! It comes only in two shades: #21/Light Beige and #24/Natural Beige. I know Korean products cater mostly to fair-skinned gals so I'm quite lucky to have been able to find a shade that somehow matches my skintone. I'm a bit worried though if the darkest shade (which is not dark at all) could still be utilized by those with darker complexion.

Please don't squeak so loud when you see the packaging. Just how creative are the ones who designed Cathy Doll Speed White CC Powder Pact box and the pact itself? I have no idea! Gosh, I never liked pink but I do now! The product, as you can see, has a pink cover/lid (which I use to see how my hair looks everyday! Shush! It's a secret!) where you can see yourself. Ha! Just look how I awkwardly posed just to get this shot. Lol.

The container is sturdy, very handy and lightweight. However, the letters on the sleek cover tends to get removed during friction. I suggest either you store it with the box or put it on a cushiony pouches every time when not in use.

As you can see, this product has a shelf life of three years but I know it wouldn't take me that long because based on my calculations, I'm going to hit the pan after a month and you know that it's because I am using it everyday.

The compact has an accompanying soft sponge stored in a separate compartment. I don't have issues with it though except I prefer brush or the sponge I use to apply my foundation during morning applications and would only use it for retouch in the afternoon. I don't like dirty sponges for setting my makeup.

The product itself is a delight to see with that cute cursive Cathy Doll word engraved on the powder. As you can see, the product is too light for my complexion (unfortunately, Sampleroom only offers the one in light Beige before) but I still use this because it easily blends with my complexion and I'm not having issues with the finish it provides. It looks a bit light for me at first but after a few minutes, it looks like my skin but brighter. However, if you have yellow undertone, I suggest you get the shade in #23/Natural Beige though just to be sure. Mine's playing on the neutral sometimes so I think I could go on either one of them.

The product's scent could be a little off-putting to those who are sensitive to particular fragrances. It does not bother me though. I could use anything as long as it is not unbearably awful.

Just like what I have said, this product blends easily on the skin and has a smooth finish. Despite it being a pressed powder, it does not look pale and too matte on my skin probably because of its luminizing effect. I checked that it has Mica on it  which is best known for its brilliant and shimmering appearance. However, longevity wise, this is a bit of a letdown. What set me back is the fact that it does not control my oil for up to two 12 hours. I had high hopes in that department because this is the only pressed powder I know that is brave enough to claim something so nonviable. In the end, I figured out that I still haven't found the pact which would answer my oil problems. To give you numbers, this product looks fresh for only 1-2 hours. But I have to consider the weather which is seriously warm and humid. On a lighter note, I could easily do retouch and my makeup would look good as new without cakey areas.

I am using this product everyday over my liquid foundation and I guess it pretty much sets my base well. Another thing I like about it is how it could stand alone on my face (on days when I let my skin breathe from foundations) and I could still look fresh and radiant, just with minimal coverage. What's important though is how this product easily keeps haggardness at bay. Also, this product, despite its high SPF content, does not cause me to severely breakout.

To cap things here, I would say Cathy Doll Speed White CC Powder Pact impressed me so much (like so much) with its brightening effect but not with its oil control properties. It just doesn't work with my super oily skin. Nonetheless, it's affordable, easy to use and so cute to look at. I would be repurchasing though should I fail to find another pressed powder that will not only give a brightening appearance but a shine-free skin for hours as well.

Anyway, you can find Cathy Doll on the sites below and be updated by visiting their social media accounts:


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