Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dewy Tree 3 Effect Cleansing Tissue Review

Dewy Tree 3 Effect Cleansing Tissue
Bought from: an online shop
Bought for: P139/each

Claims: 3 Effect Cleansing Tissue removes waterproof makeup speedy and perfectly, leaving your skin moisturized. Collagen and aloe extracts gently remove dead skin cells to create smooth skin. It is 4 free system: paraben, synthetic fragrance, synthetic dye and benzophenone. (as per Beautymnl) It quickly yet gently cleans to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells without irritating your complexion, melts away long-wearing makeup formulas and waterproof mascaras, nourishes and moisturizes with lavender oil, apple, broccoli, and carrot extracts. It is also hypoallergenic and vegan cleansing wipes for sensitive skin.


Annyeonghaseyo! Still can't get rid of the good vibes brought to me by watching Goblin (it's a Korean drama) bwahahah! I guess this is pretty much the reason why I'm into blogging a Korean product right now. Today, I will be sharing to you what I think of the Dewy Tree 3 Effect Cleansing Tissue which I got as a substitute for my favorite Purederm Argan Oil Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. I'm gonna hurry right now because I wanted to finish the remaining episodes!

The product itself is stored in a high-quality light green plastic with a resealable cover to ensure that the washcloths stay moist and fresh. It is also loaded with information like claims, directions for use, cautions, expiration dates, ingredients, etc. Anyone who looks at it will appreciate that there is an English translation provided down below, something other Korean products lack. Mine's going to expire on 2019 so this product has a whopping shelf life of three years!

One packet contains 20 sheets inside which costs P139. I have tried other drugstore cleansing wipes with more sheets but has a lower retail price. It made me wary of purchasing this at first though, but did not regret anything once I put it on a test run. Holy cow, it's by far, the best makeup wipes I have used in my life, yes, better than Purederm itself.

When you tear the cover open, you will catch a whiff of some herbal mixture from the cleansing tissues. I smelled something like this before but couldn't make out what that thing was. Ugh. Anyway, I like it as it's kinda soothing for my senses. I kind of expect it though given the looks of the packaging with green leaves all over.

The cloth is not really thicker than other cleansing wipes I have used nor wider, more like an average cleansing wipes but it's moist enough to clean and hydrate my whole face and neck. I am not the type of person who puts layers of makeup on the face so I don't give these makeup removers such hard work. However, what amazed me most is how I could easily clean my whole face (with powder, sunscreen, blush, mascara and sometimes one layer of foundation) without leaving it sticky or greasy unlike other cleansing wipes. This sufficiently hydrates and moisturize my skin and makes it soft, smooth and matte as if I just had washed my face. This also did not break me out, yey!

Just to try if this really is a tough cleansing wipe, I put two layers of Maybelline Great Lash Mascara on (which I find hard to remove with ordinary soaps) and bam! Not any mascara residue! If I am not using this cleansing wipe at all to remove the makeup, I highly doubt it's gonna disappear this easily. What I did was put the cleansing wipe on my lashes and the mascara easily adhere to the cloth. Amazingggg!!!

Overall, I love Dewy Tree 3 Effect Cleansing Tissue! It's pricier than other cleansing wipes out there but it works for me better than others. I highly recommend it whether you have dry, oily or sensitive skin as it does not contain any harmful ingredients. What else? Hmm, not a single hoax on the claims, by the way. It is totally worth a repurchase!

Have you tried this? Love it? Nope? Thoughts? Happy blogging!

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