Friday, March 17, 2017

Finess Green Tea Scent Oil Control Sheet Review

Okay, hi guys! Just some warning, don't proceed if you are scared or can't take ugly bare faces LOL. All the same, I really want to apologize for having the guts to write this review with shameless selfies using Finess Green Tea Scent Oil Control Sheet. I just badly want to show you how I am suffering from oily skin which never really goes away. Hello? Genes. On the contrary, I'm equally grateful that I am born with active sebaceous glands, at least, I'm lesser prone to premature aging. Anyway, this is why blotting papers are staples in my daily essentials. I'm used to blotting away excess oils first before retouching to avoid cakey makeups. On lucky days, oil control films saves the makeup right away and make it look fresh like it's newly-applied.

If I am not mistaken, one tiny box with 100 sheets inside retails for no more than P40 and is locally available at supermarkets, department stores and leading drugstores. You can avail it at a reasonable price point too!

Finess Oil Control Sheets are available in different looks and designs of packaging which, for me, is kind of cute. Mine's the green tea one. It's indeed very lightweight, handy and is convenient to use anytime of the day. I always make sure to keep a pack wherever I go as I'll never know when I'll be needing it.

Finess Green Tea Scent Oil Control Sheet is colored light green and a bit shinier compared to matte sheets (I just made it up lol but there are really blotting papers that are matte in texture). It sips up oil and dirt accumulated on my face, good thing. My makeup don't transfer on it either. However, for skin that's super oily like me, one or two of these won't be enough. If I am to compare it with other films I have tried before, I would say that this is on the least of my favorites. The sheets are thin and could easily tear up and absorbs lesser oil in the process.

My skin looks fresher in the photo above after blotting away oils but it took me three blotting sheets to achieve this matte-looking complexion. To be honest, I tried better absorbing papers before at almost the same price point. I still love my Leiania House of Beauty Blotting Sheets more though. I would repurchase should the price drops lower (haha!). Though technically speaking, I'm not liking it very much. Still, if you are on a tight budget, you can give this a test run to see how it works.

Have you tried Finess Green Tea Scent Oil Control Sheet? Any thoughts? Let's chat down below at the comment section! Happy blogging!

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