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Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette Review

I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette
Bought for: P567.50 | Original Price: P890
Bought from: an online shop

Ingredients: Mica, Talc, Magnesium Stearate, Paraffinum Liquidum, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Polybutene, dimethicone, methylparaben, propylparaben May Contain: CI 77891, CI 77 491, 77 492 CI, CI 77499, CI 15850, CI 16035, CI 42 090, 77 742 CI, CI 77 510, CI 77007, CI 19140, CI 15 985, 45 410 CI

I really feel so proud of myself every time I score products at a discounted price. At least, I'm getting better at bargain hunting and saving as well if you may ask. The reason why I got my eye on I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette is because I've been hearing that it is a dupe for Too Faced Chocolate Bar. You know the saying that when you can't afford the high-end, go for the dupe? Oh, I just made that up lol but I'm pretty sure anyone has done this before. Why spend for a thousand bucks worth of a palette when you can get something at par at a fraction of its cost? I'm not in anyway paid to advertise dupes nor discourage you to buy high-end makeups (I've always dreamed of having high-end palettes), it's just that if you are just starting on makeups, go for those you can practice with without having to squander pricey pigments.

I Heart Makeup is a sister company for the more popular makeup brand, Makeup Revolution. Most of the palettes and other makeup stuff I got from them are very pigmented and long-wearing that I expect so much with this I Heart Chocolate Palette. They have different variants to choose from which they called chocolate series just in case you are wondering. I just decided to settle with the I Heart Chocolate Palette just because it's a dupe for Too Faced Chocolate Bar.

Disclaimer: Photo not mine. Credits to the owner; Death by Chocolate Palette/I Heart Chocolate Palette/Naked Chocolate/I Heart Chocolate Salted Caramel/I Heart Chocolate Pink Fizz /I Heart Chocolate Vice

I Heart Makeup did a nice job at designing the palettes. Ugh, I'm craving for chocolates right now huhu. Anyway, I forgot to take a picture  of it with/inside the box but I think it doesn't matter as I don't intend to keep the box anyway. I just want the palette to stay at the vanity as is because it looks so sleek, posh and gorgeous with that melted chocolate look.

The palette is kinda heavy as oppose to other eye shadow palettes I have. However, it gives me the feeling that it is more fragile than other palettes, thus extra care should be implemented. I always had this hypothesis that its weight is greatly affected by the full-sized mirror which I seriously appreciated so much. At least, I Heart Makeup isn't frugal to deprive us of full-sized mirrors like this! I could easily see my whole face with the clear reflection it gives! However, given the weight and size, I doubt it's travel-friendly.

Upon opening, you will see a thin transparent plastic (which I wasn't able to include here again) with the eye shadow names printed on so it's easy to distinguish which shade to use. It also comes with a dual applicator which comes useless since I prefer brush for blending my eye shadow than sponge.

This palette has nice 16 color eye shadows, 6 of which are mattes (You Need Love, One More Piece, Stolen Chocolate, Thank Friday, Pleasure Girl, Meet Chocolate), 2 have shimmers/glitters (Piece Me Together, Love Torn, Unforgivable, What a Way To Go) while the rest are metallics (More!, Love Divine, Smooth Criminal, You Need More, and Endorphins Ready).

This palette for me has a good combination of shades and texture from shimmery to mattes, from shadows to highlights, from bold to pale, etc. It has beautiful neutral shades which I can easily mix and match. However, given all the shades where mostly are bold, I do not see myself reaching for this palette if I only want a simple and natural look on daytime. It goes well probably on events where long-wearing shadows are very much needed.

  • You Need Love - light beige in shade; has almost dry powdery texture and sheer color payoff
  • Piece Me Together - black eyeshadow with gold shimmers; has sheer to medium color payoff; rough in texture; applies with fall outs
  • One More Piece - more like a natural brown shade; creamy and soft formulation
  • Love Torn - reddish brown in shade with specks of gold; rough texture with a little bit of fall outs
  • Stolen Chocolate - dark brown is shade which also looks good as a brow powder; soft and creamy texture
  • Thank Friday - natural brown in shade with pink undertones; soft texture; sheer color payoff
  • More! - looks like rose gold to me; looks good as a highlighter; soft and creamy texture
  • Pleasure Girl - true brown shade that is matte, soft and creamy with a nice color payoff
  • Meet Chocolate - almost powdery bright pink eye shadow with very sheer color payoff; applies smoothly
  • Unforgivable - dark gray shade with purple and pink shimmers; creamy formulation; nice color payoff
  • Love Divine - metallic brown shade; creamy and soft formulation; nice color payoff
  • Smooth Criminal - looks simlar to Love Divine but with more golden undertone; creamy and soft formulation; nice color payoff
  • Chocolate Love - reminds me of a gold eye shadow; creamy and soft formulation; nice color payoff
  • You Need More - similar to smooth criminal but with darker color payoff; creamy and soft formulation; nice color payoff
  • What a Way To Go - more like a deep plum for me; dry texture but blends nicely; has good color payoff and minimal fallouts
  • Endorphins Ready - metallic pinkish white in shade; a good highlighter; sheer color payoff, soft an smooth texture

These eye shadows may have different color payoff, textures and formulation, but I can say that mostly are pigmented and blends easily on the skin. They don't easily wear off too. I tried using this palette during an event at school and they stayed intact all day with minimal fading sans eye shadow primer. I even sweat a lot because I acted as a photographer yet amazingly, my makeup did not easily swayed.

These eye shadows smells like typical drugstore loose powder but something I don't care about. So far, my favorites are those from the bottom part particularly What a Way To Go, You Need Love, Chocolate Love, Smooth Criminal and I also like Pleasure Girl. I just love the colors! Worsts for me are two from the shimmer categories which are Piece Me Together and Love Torn as they tend to have the greatest fall outs as well as the lightest colors such as Meet Chocolate and You Need Love for poor pigmentation.

I would say that this palette is such a steal given its reasonably affordable price point. Even though it retails for a fair price, it does not compromise on the pigmentation and longevity. It's such a very good palette to own and I'm looking forward to buy more of the other variants of the I Heart Makeup Chocolate Series.

Have you tried Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette? Any thoughts? Happy blogging!

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