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Maxipeel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid Review

If you stumbled upon my previous reviews about Maxipeel products, you will know that I have been too patient and enduring while waiting for that kutis-artista skin as the brand claims. Because I had severe breakouts, uneven skin tone, pimple and acne scars, it's just too inevitable that I trade comfort, to using different products and even undergoing painful chemical peels for a no-assurance effect. I remember it was a love-hate relationship with Maxipeel Exfoliant Solutions, love in a way that I finally am getting that skin I have always wanted, hate because those were just temporary and that soon enough, I'm gonna be dealing again with these tormenting problems. Yeah, I could resort to harsh peelings once again but I grew tired of the stinging sensations that were almost too unbearable. My hope came alive after Maxipeel introduces their latest skin care innovation, the Maxipeel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid with following key benefits that were jut too hard to resist--zero peeling, zero redness, anti-acne, smoothening and lightening.

Maxipeel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid, 50ml
Bought for: Free | Retail Price: P75
Bought from: Sampleroom

Claims and description: (as per Sampleroom) Maxi-Peel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid is a micro-exfoliant solution that helps in the removal of dead skin cells to help prevent the development of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads, done gently with zero redness and zero peeling. Its formula is made up of Skin Renewal Micro-exfoliants and Skin Vitamins that penetrates, cleanses, and exfoliates to reveal radiantly clear, smooth, fair skin from inside out.

Maxi-Peel Zero has Skin Renewal Micro-exfoliants composed of AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHA (beta hydroxy acid). It is also formulated with Skin Vitamins. The AHAs, Glycolic acid and Lactic acid, are safe exfoliators that remove the outer layer of dead skin cells to bring new skin to the surface. On the other hand, Salicylic acid is the BHA present in Maxi-Peel Zero. It penetrates skin deeply lifting away dirt, oil and other skin impurities, thus preventing pores from clogging.

Maxi-Peel Zero has Skin Vitamins namely, Vitamins A, C, E and B3. These vitamins are known to be anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and whitening agents which nourish the skin.

Ingredients and directions for use:

Packaging: It's packaging looks so simple--an opaque white plastic bottle with a cap that shuts tight with a click. However, I appreciate that it's complete with important information displayed on its body such as claims, directions for use, etc., meanwhile, the manufacturing and expiry dates are printed at the bottom.

Scent and Consistency: The product smells strong like the Maxipeel exfoliant solution infused with alcohol but with a hint of fragrance. It's like water in consistency and transparent in color. It also evaporates the moment you apply it so it would be a hard work to make sure you put the same amount of product on all areas of the face.

How and when I use it: Because it's written in the instruction to only use this at night as toner and cleanser, I set aside my previous toner from Lily's Touch and had this as the substitute. What I do is put a small amount of the solution on a cotton ball and spread it directly on my face using a light hand and a gentle circular swiping motion, paying close attention to breakout prone areas like jaw and forehead while staying away from more sensitive areas like eyes and lips.

My experience: The first night I use it, I really felt a tingling sensation--almost the same level of pain with the exfoliant solution. That got me so confused because I thought it's a milder product. I went online to look for the key benefits and features and was surprised to see that it does not claim to be zero pain as well. And so the second night, I prepared and said to myself that it's okay if I feel any pain as long as I won't have to deal with ugly red peeling faces anymore. Much to my surprise, it did not hurt on my second application. It did not hurt either on the succeeding days, instead, it's kinda refreshing on the face. Roll three days and I noticed tiny pimples coming out and I wasn't surprised because it was the exact scenario I'm having when I use the exfoliant solution.

One week passed and I was still breaking out (tiny pimples, not cystic acne, thank goodness!). Come second week and I was still having pimples. Uhm? What's happening? I almost half emptied my bottle by this time. Long story short, it does not perform well on the reduction of pimples. The amount of breakouts I had from the first day is still the same on my 19th day. I was very particular with the effect of this product because I had great expectations with this.

I almost wanted to stop on my second week of using Maxipeel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid. The only reason why I am still holding on to it is the fact that it does brighten up my complexion. It also effectively remove excess dirt and oil on the face. This product is lightweight on the skin as it dries easily without any sticky or greasy feeling.

Overall thoughts: I have been using this product since it came to me on the first day of March, 2017 so I am using this for almost three weeks now and I still haven't notice any significant reduction on my breakouts nor post acne marks but at least it works to clear, smoothen and brighten the complexion without redness or peeling, that, I can vouch for.

I would say that the Maxipeel Exfoliant Solution is a better performing product if you really want a fast treatment to achieve a really nice flawless and glowing complexion. You just have to endure the pain and days of "ugliness". I'm up for another week of a test run with this product and I'm gonna post an update soon should there be any change of outcomes.

So...what do you think of Maxipeel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid? Would you give this a try? Let me know down at the comment section! Happy blogging!


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