Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Olay Bar Review (Where to buy?)

Olay Bars
Bought for: Given as a gift
From: a friend

Hey, guys! This post is not actually produced mainly to give my thoughts about this product but to ask whoever knows where to buy this particular soap in here? It does not have any name aside from the brand so I have no idea what variant this is supposed to be. It was a gift from a friend last Christmas and she told me it came from abroad. I happened to love it and now I made up my mind to repurchase only I have no idea where to buy one.

Why I love this soap? This bar smells so nice and the fragrance even lingers for a moment after you took a bath. It lathers richly as well with its creamy formula that moisturizes the skin. I don't know if this ever is a whitening soap but my skin looks brighter, softer and smoother now. Seriously, my skin looks more nourished and healthier now! It also does not make my skin feel taut or dry too. This  bar melts easily and turns soft and squishy after a few use so what I advice you to do is store the soap dish in a high-ventilated and dry area so that it would have time to harden when not in use.

So...if you happen to know what variant of Olay soap this is or where I could repurchase, please do let me know via the comment box or leave a private message and I'll surely send my response. Have a nice day, fellas! Happy blogging!

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