Saturday, March 4, 2017

PLM's Wave 2017

I have attended last year's Wave but forgot to mention it here. Now, everything (events, people, etc.) seems so extraordinarily significant to me because I am a graduating student. Who knows this might be the last Wave I could attend to, right? So might as well share the experience to you before it gets buried in the past. LOL. Actually, I made a mark as a photographer to this year's event so yeah.

Just like the previous Wave events, each block from the Mass Communication Department should come up with a booth with specific activities to do. At the end of the event, one booth will be chosen by the audience to win something.  Ours is entitled, "Booth ng Ina Mo". Others came up with creative ideas too. Pretty much sounded like the you know, haha! My block came up with this insane idea of having a mommy wearing a daster and babies on diapers. Basically, the whole idea of the challenges was about baby acts. Prizes are kitchen wares. Heheheh!


Jean and I during the wave haha!

Wondering how our booths look like? I also included some photos of other block's booths! Such a cute sight for me! Although the booths did not stay for too long because the number of audience are lesser today than the previous year and we started too late at around 3:00-4:00PM and the open-air cinema started at 6:00PM.

And of course, here are some groupies we took with friends. :)

I guess the organizers with the help of other Mass Communication students made this day a blast for everyone. Wave has been an annual event of communication majors which deserves a spot in the most fun and creative activities PLM ever organized. I'm sure this carnival-themed exercise is such a success to end this batch's semester.

I truly enjoyed this day and regret not attenting the open-air cinema at 6:00PM onwards because I have to go somewhere. :( Nonetheless, one of the best days ever. Kudos communication majors!

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