Thursday, March 30, 2017

Rimmel London Brow This Way Sculpting Kit in 002 Medium Brown Review

Rimmel London Brow This Way
Bought from: an online shop
Bought for: P250

If I am to name the most stubborn part of my face, it would be my brows. I have thick hairs and sparse brows. They look full sometimes but it's necessary to remove the lower portion to be able to get a good shape. In the end, I'm still ending up with sparse brows. I'm quite contented with its look, I mean sometimes I don't want to meddle with it anymore because it's something that needs high maintenance, you know, you have to keep it groomed and shaped all the time. But when my makeup artist during the graduation pictorial fixed my brows, I just keep on reaching for my Rimmel London Brow This Way Palette Sculpting Kit because it just looks nice for me and I feel like I need to tend to it na since soon enough, I'm going to be a career woman.

Packaging: This palette comes very handy to me. It is just too small to fit even my pocket so I could retouch anywhere and anytime I want. The sculpting kit even has this tiny double ended angled brush and a spoolie, so it's like an all in one product for the brows. Most of the time, I throw away accompanied applicators when they feel useless but for the first time, I am keeping the brush and spoolie even after I hit the pan because they are durable and is really made of high quality materials despite its reasonable price.

The angle brush is so easy to use as it is slim enough to create a perfect outline of my brows. I could use it alternately if I accidentally missed cleaning once it hardened. The spoolie blends the colors, the wax and powder well and gives that ombre effect.

Texture and consistency: The left pan of the kit has a wax type of brow product while the right side is in a powder formula that sets the wax in place. I find it easy to scoop the wax with my applicator because of its soft texture. As you can see on the photo above, I easily cause a dent on it when I am just doing photography. The powder has a creamy and soft texture. It is also pigmented. It applies well on my brows with ease.

Color: I got the shade in 002 Medium Brown. This time I refrain from getting the darkest shade because I am aiming for a more natural brows. I did not get the lightest shade either because I have dark hair which probably won't look nice when paired with lighter brow makeups. The powder has a natural brown color which looks nice for those with Asian complexion. It also does it job to balance the color payoff of the wax when it's getting to look a little heavy on the brows. The wax formula is a deeper shade of brown but actually applies lighter than on its shade on the pan.

For your reference, here's a swatch. The color payoff is not really overwhelming so I am not getting overdid eyebrows. I even receive a compliment or two from my friends when I wore this at school!

Before you scroll down, I would like to apologize for my no-so-good eye shadows, eyeliner and everything. I just bought eye shadow palettes the previous months and I am still figuring out how to properly mix and match shades. As you can see, I am neither and expert in lining my lids. Lol. The left area's look on-fleek, the right is noticeably imprecise. I still find it hard to work my right hand to the left portions of my face. Anyway, here's how I did my brows today.

Please bear with my makeup skills lol.

Longevity: Brow products last on me all day and this is not an exclusion. I just find that if I accidentally run my fingers on it, the color tends to get removed. What I advise you to do is to carefully seal the wax with the powder to make it last.

Overall, I love Rimmel London Brow This Way Sculpting Kit. With its affordable price, no one would get wrong with it. I am just hoping they come with gray shades because I think that would be a more suitable shade for me given my black hair and brows. One kit would definitely last me months and expect me to use this for more makeup play times!

What do you think of Rimmel London Brow This Way Sculpting Kit? Tried it? Love it? Share your thoughts with me down below! Happy blogging!

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