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Silka Premium Moisturizing Milk Lotion with Avocado Oil and Skin Whitening Lotion with Shea Butter SPF23 Reviews

Thank goodness, Sampleroom teamed up with the ever popular Silka skin care line a.k.a. a favorite brand of mine. Since I was a kid, I used to watch my mother using lotions in different variants from different brands. Roll a few more years, she already asked me to always slather lotions onto my skin to keep it moisturized, hydrated, healthy and well-nourished. To find our holy grail formulation, we kept on buying different variants after emptying the current bottle. We were never picky back then (correction, I was never picky back then) until I encounter a body lotion that smells good, moisturizing but not sticky. That was not Silka yet. The point is, from then on, I always choose the ones that are comfortable to wear even during humid season. Amongst my favorites are Silka Lotions.

Part of my being picky is making sure that what I am applying on my skin are more of a beautifying and effective ingredients-infused than not. It's a plus for me if it has SPF content because it's more efficient when I don't have to put on lotions and sunscreens in separate applications. Good thing, Silka Lotions have SPF23 (although we're all advised to use products that have at least SPF30) which is okay for me since I don't usually bask under the sun. I rarely go swimming or do any outdoor activities as well. The only time my skin get exposed to sun was during the time I'm waiting for a ride to school lol. So, if you are more of an adventurous person, please, use a heavy duty sunblock to keep you protected from the harmful UV rays.


Bought for: Free | Original Price: P45 (50ml), P77.25 (100ml), P137 (200ml)
Bought from: Sampleroom
Available in: all leading drugstores nationwide

Claims and Ingredients:

This 100ml lotion is really ideal for traveling since it's thin in size and has a tight cap that shuts with a click. It is also loaded with information like descriptions, ingredients, manufacturing and expiry dates and directions for use.

This lotion smells so heavenly. I can't really describe it but it smells like a combination of floral and citrus scents. The consistency is creamy and blends easily on skin without leaving a tacky or greasy feeling. It instead leaves a soft, smooth and hydrated complexion. This lotion claims to whiten in as fast as 7 days but I can't really vouch for it since a 100ml bottle isn't enough to notice substantial effect on  the skin. However, after using the lotion for a week, I experienced mild micro-peeling on my arms and legs which I was not a hundred percent sure if it was because of this lotion. Please do know that this is the only product I added to my daily body care routine that time. Nonetheless, my skin turned brighter, more radiant and looking healthier.

Bought for: Free | Original Price: P41 (50ml), P70.25 (100ml), P124.75 (200ml)
Bought from: Sampleroom
Available in: all leading drugstores nationwide

Claims and Ingredients:

In comparison to the Silka Premium Moisturizing Milk Lotion with Avocado Oil, this product has Shea Butter as its most active ingredient. Since my skin have become drier than during my teenage years, I prefer to purchase body lotions that have ingredients known to provide deep hydration and moisture. Silka Skin Whitening Lotion with Shea Butter is also a creamy lotion with lightweight formulation that really soothes dry skin. It also has a buttery scent which is kinda addicting for me. It even lingers for minutes to a couple of hours on skin. My, I badly want to it eat! Silka really has the best scented lotions in the market, in my own opinion.

Silka Premium Moisturizing Milk Lotion with Avocado Oil and Skin Whitening Lotion with Shea Butter differs obviously on the active ingredients presented and choice of fragrances. Scent wise, both are super duper relaxing. In terms of formulation and finish, both offers a lightweight formula without the icky sticky feeling even after perspiring. Both of them are moisturizing and hydrating and really works well in softening the skin and making it look healthy and bright. However, I find the Silka Premium Moisturizing Milk Lotion with Avocado Oil as the better choice because it's more moisturizing probably because of the deep hydration properties. Again, both of this lotion claims to whiten the skin in as early as 7 days (which I've heard from other products before). This is kind of a preposterous idea for me but who knows what would happen if I use it for a year straight, right? I'm not after its lightening capabilities, anyway.

Overall, I love both of these lotions! They are so reasonably priced and really is effective! I hope these products stay in the market for the next 50 years! I'm definitely repurchasing.

Have you tried these, girls? Any comments? Share it with me down below! Happy blogging!

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