Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday Agenda: Ian's Recognition Day and Uncle Adong's Birthday Celebration

My day started so early today and I'm quite tired as we just got home from my little brother's recognition day and Uncle Adong's Birthday in a private resort in Antipolo (near Cottonwood Heights). I'll keep my tonight's journal post short and I'm so itchy to go to bed right now lol.

We went to Cinema 3, SM Manila at around 8:00 AM today for the recognition of my brother and which I am so proud because he ranks nine and I know he is a Mathematics wizard. The 'ate' in me was just so proud that I took photos of him and mom walking the aisle of the cinema to the stage to receive his certificate. He always belongs to the cream of the crop consistently from he was just a 'salingkit' (seat-in) up to the moment he started attending school officially. Yet, I just write something about him here just tonight (for the first time!) and it made me feel bad. my brother, keep up the good work and continue to make the family proud, bunso!

After recognition day, we went straight to Antipolo to post-celebrate Uncle Adong's birthday which was last March 21, same birthday with my father! There was pool in there but I did not swim since I was feeling so ill due to cough and cold, despite me packing a complete swimming package prior today. To make up, I just eat lots of food like my ultimate favorite kare-kare and manggang hilaw with bagoong, chicken cordon blue, chicken with milk (I think? I don't know what's that recipe supposed to be called), dulce de leche, embutido, etc. I was just so full all day! Thanks Tito Adong and family and belated happy,happy birthday!

Of course, I had fun talking with the whole Nicolas Clan! Hahahah! Yes, I only took a few photos because I was not feeling really well. Even most of my nieces and nephews and cousins are not here huhuhu. Anyway, there's time for everything, right?

Overall, it's a well spent day and I'm looking forward for more! Until my next post! Bye!

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