Thursday, April 13, 2017

Beach Hut Max SPF 100+ Unbelievably Light Lotion Sunblock Review

Beach Hut Max SPF 100+ Unbelievably Light Lotion Sunblock
Bought from: Watsons, SM Manila
Bought for: P299

Last April 06, 2017, Adrian and I headed to to San Rafael, Bulacan for the famous San Rafael River Adventure. Basically, our day at the attraction started only by afternoon because we arrived late. We spent the rest of the day doing activities which required basking under the sun such as paddle boating/kayak, ATV, swimming, etc. Given that it was already summer, it was noon, surely, my skin will be dead meat if I don't use any sunblock at all lol. More than anything, I'm in need of a heavy-duty sunblock because I can't afford looking tan and sunburnt on the day of my graduation. And because I mentioned that I need a heavy-duty sunblock, I looked for the possible sunblock lotion with the highest SPF and it's the first one I've seen with SPF 100.

I was annoyed that a little bottle with only an amount of 50ml lotion inside could retail for P299! Yes, it's being sold for P299! Why do necessities seem so freakin' pricey these days? But then, I'll just give myself a tap at my back and tell myself that it has a whopping SPF 100 so I can stay as long as I want under the sun without getting dark. Or can I? Anyway, I did hope we were getting what we have paid for.

*Higher SPF means higher sun protection

Packaging: I like the fun colors incorporated to the design because it looks like a summer essential lol. The bottle is made of plastic with a tight cover. The letters on the body do not easily fade too. It displays the description, claims, directions for use, ingredients, manufacturing and expiry dates. A 50ml bottle is almost the size of a regular moisturizer bottle and is very handy and convenient to bring during travels.

Scent: I would say it has a mild to barely-there scent. With a hint of a citrus-y scent but not overwhelming. Therefore, I think it would suffice the preference of even the pickiest person for product scents.

Application: It was advised to apply sunblock 15-30 minutes prior to sun exposure to make sure that the product has set into the layers. Aside from that, one really has to slather a generous amount if he/she really want a stronger protection from the sun's darkening and harmful rays. With this, Adrian and I used a pea-sized amount for every part we ought to apply the sunblock on--both arms, legs and thighs, neck and decolette area--all parts exposed.

Texture, Consistency and Ease of application: This lotion sunblock has a runny consistency and comes in a creamy white formula that blends easily and does not create a white cast on the skin. Unlike some other cheaper sunblocks I have tried, this one does not look patchy or does not settle on pores and lines. In fact, it really resembles my kind of lotion because it dries easily and moisturizes like one. True to its word, it does not leave any sticky or greasy residue even after multiple applications. Lightweight and perfect for the humidity of summer, indeed. I think one 50ml bottle could last me more or less five applications since I think reapplication is not necessary.

Overall thoughts: It's really hard to bring back one's fair complexion after getting tanned and that's where sunblock's importance should be known. Adrian and I were under the sun for more or less five hours. We swam first on the open pool for at least 20-30 minutes before we went paddle boating at the San Rafael River. Surprisingly, the sunblock did not wear off easily and I could prove this because we did not get darker even after riding and driving the ATV under the sun.

Can I tell you a secret? No one knows but us (and his family) that we went to San Rafael that day but no one told us that we've become darker or it's as if we went swimming because we did not get sunburnt! I think I owe Beach Hut Max SPF 100+ Unbelievably Light Lotion Sunblock some thanks.

Would I repurchase? Yes! I'll be reaching for this when I go to other summer destination I have in mind. I would repurchase once I ran out, unless I will see another sunblock with the same SPF content because it pays to try new things, right? Although, I highly recommend it to those who are off to do what's on their bucket list for this summer!

Have you tried Beach Hut Max SPF 100+ Unbelievably Light Lotion Sunblock? Any thoughts? Until my next post! Happy blogging!

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