Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Brow Construction and Lash in Bloom by Browhaus Manila

Yesterday (April 19, 2017), I claimed my free sessions of Basic Brow Shaping Service and Lash Extension at Browhaus--thanks to Sample Room! Through this blog post, I want to share with you how the procedures were done and the quality of the service given.

On Sunday before April 19, I booked an appointment for Monday through SMS. A responsive staff replied that Monday was already fully-booked and suggested that I claim my vouchers on Tuesday instead. We both agreed for 12 PM appointment the next day. She even asked for my name for the booking and confirmed it to me by afternoon. The next day, Adrian accompanied me to their Lucky China Town branch and was disappointed because the receptionist told me that there was no appointment booked for 12 noon and that my name wasn't even there. She also told me that I can only claim voucher one at a time (I have two). I told her that the treatments will be for my graduation and she suggested though that she will checked the appointment herself and that if I can claim both the vouchers at the same day. I was just so thankful to her and to the other staff for being so accommodating and nice all throughout the procedure.


The store looks cute, hygienic and comfortable. The staff who did the process was swift and informative as she always talked to me, informing me what she will do next. First, she cleaned my brows, then threaded it. She removed the remaining hairs on my brows by plucking them. The whole process was almost painless and I did not shed a tear like how I always do whenever I pluck my brows. It's probably because the one who groomed my brows was really skilled and swift. After that, she applied something like cream on it which was a little minty to soothe redness and sting. The whole process took less than 10 minutes.

Though my brows are more well-shaped and groomed, I still notice that there are still tiny hairs on the areas near my brows which I plucked just earlier. I also cut the inner portions of the brows as they are quite longer now. My brows may look a lot groomed now than ever, the procedure did not make it completely neater.


This process lasted more than an hour. The staff told me that I have long lashes already so she would just add a little length to it without diverting from a natural look. I did not protest because I also want natural-looking lashes. What she did first was put something like a tape on the arch of my eyes and according to Adrian, it looked like it separated my bottom lashes from the upper ones. She kept asking me if what she's doing was comfortable so that made me feel like I was in safe and light hands.

The staff individually tabbed one lash at a time on my natural lashes. The process was almost painless except I felt a little sting on my left eye area while doing the procedure. I did not experience the same on the other though.

After everything was done, the one doing my extensions showed me the final result and I must say they were pretty impressive. The lashes they used were really soft and of high-quality. My lashes look really lengthened and thickened but still natural-looking. It's not uncomfortable wearing the extensions unlike falsies which add length to lashes. These feels weightless and non-irritating as well. It also does not clump together and effectively enhance the natural shape of the eyes. I can now skip mascaras or even eye makeups because my eyes look better already. However, if you look closely, you can spot distance between my upper lid and the false lashes. But maybe it's really glued not from the roots so the skin around your eyes won't get irritated.

After 4 hours, a friend of mine reached for my face and there she showed me that I had a fallout. The following day (today), while carefully cleaning my face with a cleansing tissue (no washing of the face for a day), I spotted two lashes on my cheeks. I also had two fall outs by noon so that's five lashes which just got removed from my extensions. Will update you though what would happen on the succeeding days and if the treatment was worth it.


Overall, I was not super satisfied with the Browhaus Lash In Bloom service probably because I find that the extensions can be easily removed even I try my best not to touch or rub my eyes, etc. The staff were nice and professional but I would still prefer trying out budget-friendly services in the future. That said, I might not repurchase unless they give massive discounts or promos. Nonetheless, I would still recommend trying out these services if you want swift but beautiful results!

Browhaus are located at the following malls:

-Browhaus Serendra
-Browhaus Greenbelt
-Browhaus Mega Fashion Hall
-Browhaus Lucky China Town
-Browhaus Abreeza
-Browhaus Rockwell

You can visit them on the following sites:


Tried these treatments? Any thoughts? Happy blogging!

UPDATE AS OF 4/21/17

-On the third day (today), I got more more than 10 fallouts. 3 upon washing my face while carefully drying it with a tissue paper (I don't use towels now to dry my face because of its rough texture that may accidentally remove falsies), 4-5 during applying makeups for my graduation, Another 5 when I washed my face in the evening.
-On 4th and 5th day, my eyelashes already looked sparse.

fallouts when I washed my face in the evening (April 21, 2017)
UPDATE AS OF 4/30/17

-On the last day of April, 2017, notice that there's only one false lash left (on my left eye).

*Photos and videos are not allowed during the services so I did not take a lot.

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