Monday, April 10, 2017

Day 2: Rihanna Goes Places (Ramen Kuroda)

Last April 05, 2017 (I know, I know, it's a super late written blog post lol), I asked Adrian to accompany me again to the Valenzuela City Hall to apply for a police clearance. Unlike the other day where there were long queues and crowds, the room was surprisingly spacious and it only took me less than 20 minutes to get a valid I.D.

Anyway, after that, we went to Lucky China Town because as I was advised, there were government agencies there--SSS, PhilHealth and PAGIBIG-- where I can get my pre-employment requirements. Unfortunately, I can't apply yet since I am still unemployed. Because I was starving (I haven't eaten my breakfast), we looked for possible restaurants to eat inside the mall. Adrian was craving for ramen noodles and right on time, we saw Ramen Kuroda and decided to dine in there.

I ordered Kuro Ramen (P180) with extra leek (P30) and a Yellow Mango Shake (P80). Adrian ordered Aka Ramen (P180) with extra noodles (P40) and egg (P30), Pineapple Juice (P50), Teriyaki Chicken (P160) and Gyoza (P100).

Ramen Kuroda's Kuro Ramen has tonkatsu with roast garlic flavor while Aka Ramen has tonkatsu with spicy taste. I was supposed to order this but I always like the sound of roast lol. What tastes best for me was their tonkatsu chicken with mayo dip and their yellow mango shake which seems to look like mango puree.

Their ramen dishes were just okay for me (noodles aren't my favorites), I did not even finish my bowl because the servings were too satiating considering the reasonable price point, but Adrian enjoyed it. If you are a huge fan of Japanese cuisines, try Ramen Kuroda! For the list of branches, click here. For the list of menu, click here. I think I'll go back and try other dishes from the menu soon!

More of Rihanna Goes Places soon! Happy blogging!

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