Friday, April 14, 2017

Day 3: Rihanna Goes Places (San Rafael River Adventure)

Few of the beaches I had been into were Boracay and La Iya, Batangas. I can't really remember traveling to some place where I could experience what I experienced with San Rafael River Adventure. I am not a person who loves dipping into open rivers, falls or seas because to be honest, I am not a good swimmer and I'm afraid getting drown to waters which are taller than me. Still, I gave this particular river adventure a try because Adrian and I planned this already.

We left for San Rafael at around 8:30AM last April 06, 2017 and arrived at the destination by 11:30 AM. That's almost 3 hours and we were from Valenzuela City.

How did we get there?

First, we rode a jeepney at BBB, Valenzuela going to 2nd Avenue, Caloocan (which takes about 30 minutes) where the Baliuag Bus Terminal is located. Then, we rode a bus with the signage "Gapan/Cabanatuan". Just to be sure, ask the bus driver or the conductor to drop you off at San Rafael (takes about 1 to 1 1/2 hour). They will drop you off at the highway in Sampaloc, and from there, you can ride a tricycle going to Brgy. Talacsan (takes about 25-30 minutes!) where San Rafael River Adventure is situated.

How much did it cost us (fare)?

BBB, Valenzuela to Baliuag Terminal - P8.00/each
Baliuag Terminal to Sampaloc - P85/each
Sampaloc to Brgy. Talacsan - P150

What package did we avail?

Glamping With a Twist Packages. It is a day tour glamping from 7:00AM to 6:00PM (not overnight) and is worth P2500 for two persons. The venue is at the floating raft by the river. If you are to stay longer at the area, you can reserve for the glass cottages (good for 4 pax) or villa (good for 12 pax) instead. The availed package entitled us to free access of the infinity pool and kayak or paddle boards. Additional charges apply for other activities. For the complete list of packages SRRA offers, click here.

*SRRA are open for reservation especially if you are from a distant city because they accommodate lots of visitors every day.

We were greeted and accommodated warmly by the staff upon arriving. I was even surprised that they have iced tea already served for visitors waiting at the reception area so anyone who just underwent the long journey could fill out thirsty mouths. Anyway, the man from the receptionist called someone to lead us to the floating raft (see photos below) by the Angat River.

We decided to eat first and the staff who accommodated us were kind enough to buy lunch for us. We did not know that we can cook at the raft until we saw the grill at corner of the raft. Anyway, while waiting for the food, we checked the tent and surprised to see that it's spacious with a couple of bed, pillow, towel and tissue paper. There was also an electric fan and a socket provided. If you are inside the tent, sure you will have to use the fan but it was already breezy on the outside. I would love to stay there and watch the sunset, unfortunately, we can't stay too long. We have to maximize the time that we had.

It took at least an hour for the food to arrive (because the resort does not have an in-house restaurant yet) so we wandered around the area first after deciding for the extra activities to do.

Seriously, if you are a fashion blogger, you can have every place in here as a backdrop lol. The place was huge, just perfect if you want to escape from the busy and polluted city. There were plants and trees and greeneries everywhere you turn to so you really can smell and feel nature. You would want nothing but the tranquility of the place. SRRA is located in an elevated area so it was really breezy despite the summer heat.

No, we did not really play chess lol. I just find the place cute, hence the snapshots. Just look at the place where you could creatively build memories!

Upon wandering, we found the floating bridge challenge which we forgot to take (deym!). Anyway, at probably around 1:00PM, we went back to our rift as the staff may already be back with the food that we ordered. We didn't remember ordering fresh buko juice for our lunch but we got two and a pitcher of iced tea (P100). Adrian ordered sisig and mine's crispy pata (P400) but they informed us that sisig was not available. Anyway, it was a delicious lunch for the both of us.

A few minutes after eating, Adrian and I decided to swim. It was spacious and the fact that only a few people were swimming, doubled the fun!

The pool was built overlooking the Angat River.

There is also something like Jacuzzi at the heart of their infinity pool. If you are stressed out, the current would definitely release stress to relax your senses.

At around 3:00PM (I think), we went kayaking/paddle boarding. It was a hard activity since it was our first time and we do not know how to use the paddles so we're going in different directions lol. What made it harder for us was the strong currents from the river and the fact that I can't swim lol! Anyway, we were provided we safety gears naman so there's nothing to worry about. One of the staff told us that it could be a lot more fun if we took paddle boarding in the morning.

What I actually enjoyed and the most was riding the ATV. Adrian and I shared the same ATV because I was afraid to drive it at first and we just did take turns. They guided us and toured us along the vicinity of the resort as well as nearby places.

On our way back to SRRA, I finally gathered my courage and drive lol.

There were still some activities we failed to do because of time constraints. We wanted to try jetski-ing but it was not available. Even the pedal boat was something I looked forward to trying with him but...yeah. We even saw the huge floating rift were visitors could dine and swim and I hope next time we could try it!

Overall, it was a super fun, exciting and pleasant experience though we did not try much. I felt really bad for leaving this place but we had no choice. I just hope that next time, I could see the sunset, feel the cool breeze while sitting from our raft. Uhm, no, I wanted to try the glass cottage at least for the first time lol!

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